I don’t know who Selena Gomez is, she does have good taste in tees though

by Andy on January 16, 2009

I have no clue who Selena Gomez is, I was going to Google her name and find out why people should/would give a damn about her, but then I realised that I probably already know more about celebrities than a lot of people should, and that I’d just appreciate this picture for what it is, a girl wearing a cute tee with Casper the Friendly Gohst on it holding a massive ice cream, which we all know is a bit of a tease for him because ghosts can’t eat.

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  • Georgia

    Selena Gomez

    Currently an actress on disney channels ‘Wizards Of Waverly Place’

    But she’s popped up in other stuff in the past but now shes mainstream disney.

    Shes really pretty :)

  • David

    Selena has a mind blowingly beautiful face, that’s why I give a damn about her. :)

  • http://google D’andre M

    selena is the most beautiful girl i have ever seen i wish i could meet her dis is my sisters e-mail i forgot mine i am a dude

  • scott r

    i find selena gomez the most beautiful girt in the world i wish one day i could talk to her:)

  • Selena gomezin biggest fan

    Selena is replaced actress and singer in the world. He is a very beautiful girl with an incredibly beautiful face and eyes, from what I have seen. He is a role model to all for me. my favorite series is Wizards of Waverly Place, where Selena present Alex russoa.I love you Selena Gomez, and I hope that you have read this.<33

  • http://germany esra

    hi selena gomez the most beautfiul girl in the world .

  • http://Bebel Isabel

    A Selena é muito Linda … adoro ela…

  • Bulgaria

    well Selly is pretty cute and i leke how she dress her self.She is really talanted actess she has a lot of potential

  • MANU

    Hello, selena’s beautiful, i like all of her, I never has seem a girl like her! A lot of people thinks that Miley Cyrus is prettiest than selena, but that’s all false!, I wish I could meet her, and talk with her a little, nothing more! so difficult has to be!



  • sierra finley

    Wow selena ur like the best actress on disney channel ily so much i wish u could come down to america that will do all of us a favor…….. PLEASE!

  • bianca

    woow.. selena is amazing.
    she can sing dance act and she has a damn pretty face
    an from what i hear about her she has a great personality
    keeep bein awsome selena:)

  • Michelle

    i wish u were my sister
    your family should be so proud of you and that you are part of their family, u are totally beautiful. I wish i could meet you when i got to America, and be best friends not best friends we can be the best sisters. i wish selena could read this one day. :]


  • http://car-reviews-online.blogspot.com Car Reviews

    she is looking cool in this blue top
    post more diff pics of her plzzz

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