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by Andy on January 16, 2009

Wearing my Twitter Shirt by -nathan

I’ve been using the micro-blogging social-networking site Twitter since March last year, and whilst the service was pretty popular when I joined, it went from strength to strength throughout the year and is now more popular than ever. People use it for many different reason, personally, I like to use it for asking quick questions about the tee world and the internet in general, getting to know people I’ve met through Hide Your Arms that I wouldn’t necessarily send an e-mail to, and as an archive for my Facebook status updates (I’m weird like that). Oh, and to get pearls of wisdom from Shaq.

It can also be used as a very powerful marketing tool, I’m not too into that aspect, although I will post a link when I write an article I’m particularly proud of or think is interesting. I’ve kept the group of people I follow fairly limited, people that actually interest me (rather than adding everyone I possibly can to make my follower numbers more impressive), and amongst the people I follow are quite a lot of people from the tee world, or “Teeple” as I have ever-so cutely named them (because Twitter users are “tweeple“). I thought it might be cool if I listed them so that those of you who are new to twitter, or and old-hand wanting to follow some interesting people, could get more value out of the service. I’ll provide short bios on a few accounts, but I think the best thing would be for you to check out each profile and decide whether to follow them yourself, they are listed in the order I began following them, from the latest at the top, to the earliest at the bottom.

@hideyourarms : Obviously, this is me, so of course I think you should add me!

@gabroll : One of the guys behind Goodie Two Sleeves. Fairly new to Twitter, but I know he’s a good guy so his tweets could be interesting.

@icfnuk : Twitter account of I Came From Nothing, stays on topic about business but still keeps it interesting.

@inkhound : Shockingly enough, this account belongs to Ink Hound.

@fancyjeffrey : Jeffrey is the COO of Threadless/SkinnyCorp.

@ollymoss : Olly designs amazing t-shirts.

@hoodeasy : “hoodeasy is a company that makes the process of ordering customised clothing nice and easy.”

@salmiler : Salmiler is a running inspired clothing line.

@jimmyheartcore : Well-known t-shirt designer.

@krudmart : Keeping things focused on Krudmart, sometimes with coupon codes.

@nopattern : Okay, he doesn’t design a huge amount of tees, and he doesn’t update very often, but Chuck Anderson is a great artist, and I want to hear when he releases something new.

@regalclothing : Frequently updated account of Regal Clothing, Darren really gets involved with the community, so he’s a good follow.

@iwearyourshirt : Remember that guy that you would pay to wear your t-shirt and he would promote it? This is him.

@designbyhumans : Seeing as their last tweet was on November 4th, I think DBH got bored of Twitter, but I’m a completist, so I’m including them in the list anyway.

@chunkychunk : CC make tees for babies and toddlers… except they’re cool.

@davidSEIBEI : David is fairly new to Twitter, and he rarely talk about Seibei, that isn’t how you shamelessly promote yourself, my friend!

@lintyfresh : Eric is friendly, willing to help people out, and makes great tees. Follow!

@handsonclothing : Some pretty random tweets, just what Twitter is for.

@randrtees : New brand, interesting tweets, willing to get involved with the community.

@tenbills : All promo, useful if you wants to know what they’ve released.

@bangbangtshirts : Mostly promo, but plenty of replies too.

@shirtdomination : This tee printer is all promo, all the time.

@aaronartist : Aaron is an artist, duh!

@jonkruse : The dude behind Mediocore Clothing.

@samuelstorm : Like Chaunce Clothing? Follow Sam.

@founditem : Found Item Clothing treat their account like a link blog, I like that approach.

@GoApe : Short and random tweets that make no sense without contect (which is never given), clearly a must follow!

@Fuzzy_Ink : Not too many updates posted yet, but certainly an interesting one to follow.

@juxtance : Sporadic updates from this tee label.

@tshirtwin : Tcritic‘s account which is dedicated solely to giving away tees. (Free stuff = Follow!)

@brandofthefree : Lots of @ replies suggest they’re really involved with their followers and not just twittering for extra brand exposure.

@typemicah : the blogger behind one of my favourite new tee blogs, tee.ms.

@godmachineuk : A great t-shirt designer and illustrator with a fabulous beard, and a penchant for random philosophical tweets.

@ghost4hire : t-shirt designer and generally nice guy.

@jeff_finley : Jeff is an artist and designer for Go Media (the people who tell you how to be a better designer).

@tshirtoutlet : the not particularly promotional account of a company that holds the licenses for The Office tees amongst others.

@RethinkClothing : they put super soakers on t-shirts, that must be worth a follow!

@welovelafraise : laFraise‘s Twitter account isn’t updated that often, and it’s written in French.

@assaultapparel : More than just promo, Assault frequently links to resources around the net to help improve your business.

@adamfletcher : His last tweet was on December 6th, but Fletchy is usually pretty interesting.

@heavyprints : His bio says “Illustrator/geek” so you can probably work out what this popular Emptees member tweets about.

@wizeguyztees : this funny tee shop mostly uses their Twitter to promote blog posts and talk about their day, very few “buy my shirts” type posts.

@fabrikade : lots of chatter about web apps and marketing from this Singaporean tee (amongst other things) seller.

@ltysflik : their Twitter name may sound like something a spammer would say, but that certainly isn’t what Loyal To Your Soil are using it for!

@teeandtoast : Claire from Tee and Toast doesn’t update very much, but I’ll keep on following her, largely because she used the term ‘jibber jabber’ in a recent tweet.

@girlinyourshirt : much like the “I Wear Your Shirt” Guy, Jenaé also wants you to pay her to wear your clothes, and as you’d expect she promotes the hell out of herself in her tweets.

@Shirts_Around : Kat from T-Shirts Around may not be the most prolific of twitterers (that can’t possibly be how you spell that!), but she sometimes posts her favourite blog posts and general life updates.

@crazygolucky : Crazy Go Lucky are an apparel brand that found me through Twitter (which is another way of introducing yourself to me when looking to get posted on HYA).

@Duncan_BTS : The dude from Ban T-Shirts discusses t-shirts and his love of both Kiss & Prince (which isn’t really that weird). He last tweeted 11 days ago, so I don’t think he’s that obsessed with the service.

@individualitee : They have 0 tweets, so I’m fairly surprised that they don’t have 0 followers.

@Thunderfrogs : Andy from Thunderfrogs is fairly new to Twitter (I think), but he’s been busy getting himself involved and is a good fellow to follow.

@chopshopstore : Unsurprisingly, this is the Twitter account of the Chop Shop. Not too much self-promo, pretty interesting tweeting.

@fullmetaltshirt : The bio says “Modern Armor for Modern People,” fortunately FMT (whose site is not yet ready) are a lot more friendly than their bio suggests.

@maternitytees : I like Mama Feels Good because they make tees for pregnant women because they don’t look like normal maternity tees, they actually look cool, and their Twitter account is just as refreshing.

@RizzoTees : This guy tweets more than anyone else I follow (which may be a turn off for you), a funny tee seller that I guess you would have to describe as a ‘power twitterer.’

@troundup : I think Colin got bored of Twitter on November 6th, as that was the last time he tweeted.

@redbubble_hq : RedBubble largely use Tweeter to notify people about what is going on with their less, more the technical side than self-promotion though.

@tshirtforums : Rodney, founder of the T-Shirt Forums, knows pretty much everything about the tee industry, so it might be a good idea to follow him.

@karmaloopinc : Mucho promo from the Karmaloop crew.

@glennztees : Every tweet has a link to a sale or new item on the Glennz site, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you want to keep tabs on his releases.

@10tees : Mostly promo-tweets for their list loving blog, but they get involved with the community and get personal every so often.

@SILBERFISCHER : I don’t speak German, so I don’t know what this Berlin-based tee label are saying most of the time, but if you do then perhaps you can tell me if they’re worth following.

Twitter Fail Whale by Houltmac

@cshimala : Not only does Craig work for Threadless (and thus his inclusion in this list), he also makes cool videos and is a generally interesting tweeter.

@ajv : AJ is one of the founders of PleaseDressMe, the t-shirt search engine, and as he is a Vaynerchuck, knows what’s what in the social web, which makes him a good follow.

@americanapparel : This is the surprisingly un-corporate and surprisingly un-sexually-charged Twitter account of apparel giant American Apparel.

@TheArtOfApparel : Promo-tweets from this up-and-coming tee/apparel blog.

@THE_YACKFOUS : Bi-lingual Twitter account from one of my favourite German tee labels, Yackfou. The English tweets are generally for promotion, and the German ones appear to be more sociable chatter.

@djuoh : I’ve never seen Umang, who runs Chor Bazaar, mention tees in his tweets, but he is an interesting follow nevertheless.

@electricthreads : I good mix of personal and business chatter from Electric Threads.

@IAMTHETREND : It’s cool following I Am The Trend as this new-ish indie directory grows.

@designgive : Last tweeted in November, I don’t think that they’re too into Twitter.

@stabb : A pleasant mix of promo and personal from this new (launched in October ’08) tee label.

@popculturetees : Don’t let their lack of an avatar put you off, PCT get involved with their network.

@Etsy : Used largely for customer relations and explaining what’s going on with Etsy.

@JohnnyCupcakes : This is Johnny Cupcakes, y’know, the guy that runs Johnny Cupcakes.

@Go_Media : GM are a design studio, but they also have lots of excellent tutorials for designers, as well as their famed tee and hoodie templates.

@frenden : Top-notch tee designer.

@wotto76 : If you’ve ever been on a t-shirt design competition website, you’ve probably seen one of Wotto‘s designs.

@derekdeal : Another great t-shirt designer.

@hoodiepeople : hoodiepeople.com sell hoodies, and talk business on Twitter.

@Oddica : I love Oddica, but with just three total tweets and the last one in October, there probably isn’t much point following them.

@HillmanB : “I run a Print/Design/Web studio mainly working with the apparel industry.”

@Cameesa : Cameesa is a crowdfunded t-shirt design site.

@cotygonzales : Coty is one of the best new t-shirt bloggers.

@teenormous : This tee search engine likes to tweet about new companies and milestones in their directory.

@threadyourself : Mostly self-promo, but some other interesting tweets too.

@dexflu : A European graphic t-shirt brand.

@Teecycle_Tim : Amongst other things, Tim recycles vintage t-shirts and gives some of the money to charity.

@springleap : From the looks of their recent tweets Springleap use Twitter as a platform for communicating with their fans.

@Glarkware : They love to tease you about upcoming sales.

@pleasedressme : PleaseDressMe is a t-shirt search engine, and they tweet about deals, coupons, interviews, and their tees of the day.

@bigcartel : Largely used for customer service, if your store is run by Big Cartel it might be a good idea to follow them.

@Preshrunk : I will keep adding Preshrunk to lists until Jason starts blogging again, I’m like a very polite and nonthreatening terrorist that way.

@militantgeek : This account appears to solely be used for posting tweets about new articles on the Militant Geek blog.

@neighborhoodies : Want to know what’s going on at Neighborhoodies? Follow and find out.

@reverieapparel : “Reverie Apparel is a graphic apparel line. Company co-owner Am&a tweets daily.”

@akumuink : Mostly tweets about new blog posts, but Joey gets involved with the community sometimes too.

@cafepress : Almost exclusively promo-based tweets, no @replies as far as I could tell.

@Shirts_on_sale : Auto-tweets to their latest posts, handy since they mostly deal in companies that only sell t-shirts for short periods of time.

@threadless : Yes, even the Threadless juggernaut is on Twitter. They use it for updates about tee releases and other news, as well as a surprisingly large amount of chatter with fans.

@iloveyourtshirt : Another tee blog that just uses Twitter to auto-tweet about their latest blog posts.

@tshirtdart : This dude uses Twitter a lot.

@choiceshirts : Lots of personal chatter, pretty entertaining.

@KidrobotRules : Mostly their product updates, but some chatter with followers to.

@Allmightys : News from the European t-shirt design company.

@mattmc : The guy behind Turn Nocturnal.

@skaw : When I think of people that work at Threadless, I think of Jake Nickell, better known as skaw.

@BurnTees : Their tees may not necessarily be to my taste, but they’re good people to follow.

@indigo : Indigo Clothing are a British t-shirt (and other clothing) printer, and whilst it may appear that their Twitter account only serves to promote their blog posts, sporadic @replies suggest there are people looking at this account every so often.

@CrookedMonkey : CM are a tee company that have many celebrity admirers (I think Miley Cyrus is one of them), a fact which is important to some people. They don’t seem to be too active on Twitter, though 7 of their last 8 tweets came last month (the other one was in May) suggests they might be getting more into it.

@Camiseteria : Portuguese t-shirt design competition, they seem active, which is good, I just have no clue what they’re saying!

@detour : Juna Duncan is a funny tee designer, used to be very active on Twitter but seems to have curtailed their addiction recently.

@Abettertomorrow : German t-shirt design competition and webshop. Written in German.

@yourownlabel : This account covers the German side of the Spreadshirt empire.

@spreadshirtcom : And this one covers the American side.

@billpyle : Bill runs the Divine Clothing Co.

@MySoti : The very friendly account of this new-ish print-on-demand service, they get really involved with the design community.

@Rumplo : Mostly, this account is auto-tweets of Rumplo’s tee of the day, but every so often something ‘real’ comes up as well.

@karllong : Karl runs Tcritic, the number one tee blog (grrrr…..), and know more about social media than most people that describe themselves as experts in the subject.

@splitreason_com : They often have Twitter only promos and coupons.

@jeggers : Jana is the CEO of Spreadshirt, she also runs in IronMan competitions, I think it’s fair to say she is quite a determined lady.

@HuzzahGoods : HuzzahGoods make cool t-shirts in Boston.

@chadpearson : Chad is the guy behind the clothing & music label P is for Panda.

@boogah : Jason used to write Preshrunk, and finding out people would send you t-shirts (for free!) if you wrote about them was part of the reason I started HYA.

If you own a tee label and are on Twitter, feel free to add your link to the comments on this post, though as Akismet (the anti-spam software I use) is pretty wary of links, it may take some time for your comment to show up.

  • http://www.t-shirtforums.com Rodney

    Wow Andy, you are the master of useful lists! Thanks for putting this together!

    I think twitter is great for t-shirt companies, I’m hoping more people try it out.

    Now I’m off to start following the teeple on the list!

  • http://www.psychoreindeer.com skaght

    @skaght : real t-shirts printed by a fake reindeer at psychoreindeer.com

  • http://www.sickonsin.com Jen


    Great list – thanks for compiling! I run Sick On Sin which sells shirts (and accessories) with cute designs. I’m fairly new to Twitter but am loving it so far!

    Twitter Link: http://twitter.com/Sick_On_Sin


  • http://www.regalclothing.co.uk Darren

    Great article man! Add me up! @regalclothing

  • http://www.assaultshirts.com Assault

    Thanks for the shout, follow us @assaultapparel

    I twitter at least a few times a day!

  • http://www.chopshopstore.com thomas romer

    huzzahs. all around.

  • http://www.t-shirtforums.com Rodney

    This list made my day :)

    Here’s a few I ran across recently:

    @benhundreds (from the hundreds)

    @bigcartel (the shopping cart people used by a few brands)

    @designforum (graphic designer)

    @Enclothe (indy t-shirt brand)

    @Adam_Wagner (part of gomedia)

    @hinix (new to twitter, eco friendly graphic tops)

    @jerico_ca (blank t-shirt manufacturer from Canada)

    @bareapparel (high end fashion blank t-shirts)

    @adamoc (t-shirt blogger and t-shirtpreneur from merry ol’ england)

    @cutandsewn (custom t-shirts)

    @SketchCustoms (t-shirt comnpany from texas)

    @americancanvas (sweatshop free, eco friendly printers)

    @enveeapparel (t-shirt designer)

    @QuadApparel (upcoming clothing line)

    @notorioustees (funny t-shirt company)

    @murphysean (works for customink)

    @Sick_On_Sin (shirt maker)

    @MotherTongues (t-shirts that celebrate culture and language)

    @identitee (music t-shirts)

    @DougEShirts (t-shirt designer)

    @AltruApparel (t-shirt company from LA)

    @onustees (t-shirt company)

    @printfection (official printfection account)

    @ZazzleCommunity (official Zazzle account)

    @cottonable (t-shirt blogger)

    @Rumplo (t-shirt directory/search engine type site)

    @caseyschorr (CEO of printfection)

    @wootshirt (account for Shirt.Woot.com)

    @TeeFury (account for teefury.com)

    @printmojo (account for PrintMojo)

  • http://www.auditorclothing.com Jeff

    Great site. Check your e-mail.
    Auditor Clothing

  • http://www.auditorclothing.com Jeff

    Sorry, forgot our Twitter!

  • TNB

    @thenamesbrand – thenamesbrand.com The Names Brand is the only place to look for names shirts.

  • http://www.buy-tees.com Adam

    Great list. Thanks for going to the effort!

  • http://www.illywhack.com/ Attila

    I started getting the RSS feed for hideyourarms, then started adding some teeples after this post. Me and my buddy Androo (his idea) do Illywhack which for now is designs/drawings/pics/inspiration. It will soon be much more. Watch this space!

    I’m at @ohmnisign, he’s at @androo. We’re both Illywhack.com

  • Micah

    You are a prince among T-shirt bloggers. Thanks for the inclusion. Surely you know this by now, but you kick ass at this T-shirt blogging thing.

  • http://www.integralapparel.com Rashaun IntegralApparel

    Hey nice find! You got a good thing here, add me whenever you get a chance, I am as random as they come!

  • http://www.troundup.com Colin

    I’ve just never quite figured out how to use twitter as a good tool, maybe I’ll get some time look into it, or if some kind fellow wants to explain it that works too.

  • http://www.cotygonzales.com Coty

    Great list Andy! I actually wrote this down as one of the things I should blog about – but you beat me to it! And thanks for the words of confidence :)

  • http://www.thunderfrogs.co.uk/ henryv

    Damned impressive. Nice work.

  • http://www.BurnTees.com BurnTees

    awesome list. thanks for taking the time to do this. (and what do you mean our tees aren’t your taste?!?!? ;) )

  • http://www.springleap.com Eric from springleap

    What a great list and thanks for including springleap.com on the list.

    Just to let you guys know we actually have 2 twitter accounts we use for springleap.

    Twitter account 1: http://www.twitter.com/springleap – just for general chatter about springleap, letting people know what we’re up to and answering people’s questions

    Twitter account 2: http://www.twitter.com/springleaping – Specials, Specials, Specials – every few days, we have specials for the people following this twitter account.

    I also twitter quite a bit myself so connect to me as well – http://www.twitter.com/EricEdelstein (i’m also on facebook, linkedin, skype and hundreds of other platforms, so lets start chatting)

  • http://www.wizeguyztees.com Dutch Schultz

    Thank you so much for the mention about Wizeguyztees.

    You are fast becoming the monster of list creating.


  • http://www.hoodiepeople.com Hasan

    just added a bunch of the folks you listed, and so stoked you included @hoodiepeople, we are honored. twitter is an essential tool for us and actually was the initial connect to @hideyourarms, so thats a big win all around.

  • http://mike@openeyecommunications.com Mike Alderson

    Interesting list Andy. What’s your view and have you got a list of T shirt companies that offer GREAT affiliate programs ? Declared self interest here. I am looking to find a company that I can affiliate with on a website that I am developing, but know very little about affiliate programs. Mike

  • http://www.defunkd.com Jimmy J

    If you’re in to true vintage t-shirts, you can always keep an eye on our twitter account.


  • http://www.foepaws.com Brian

    Another great list Andy.

    Foe Paws Apparel is at:


  • http://www.snoloha.com Rod Call


    I had to add my own clothing brand!

  • http://www.continentalclothing.ie MW

    Great article, includes two of my fave German t-shirt labels Yackfou and SILBERFISCHER.

    Have to add our tweet which is @earthpositive, the canvas for your future grafical dreams.

  • http://www.fullmetaltshirt.com Aubrey @ FMT

    Thank you very much for the mention, Andy!

    And we’re now live, as of this afternoon! Stop on by, and email me if you need anything. :)

  • http://www.shirtsonsale.info Eden (from SoS)

    Darn! Maybe @shirts_on_sale will make it in the next roundup ;)

  • http://www.bangbangt-shirts.com James

    Excellent list! Thanks for including Bang Bang T-shirts :)


    What a monstrous list Andy! Thank you, we found it to be very useful.

    Don’t forget about @ZOOMDOUT though.


  • http://www.lunchboxbrain.com lunchboxbrain

    Great list!

    Here’s two more for your collection:

    http://www.twitter.com/lunchboxbrain (yours truly)
    http://www.twitter.com/loiter (great tee company)

  • http://ShelfLifeClothing.com Brian

    Show me some Twitter love:

  • http://www.chateauroux.co.uk Chateau Roux

    Follow us on Twitter:

  • Jahl Herapath

    Skeg Dudes – Follow us at @Sskegits

  • Jahl Herapath

    Skeg Dudes – Follow us at @skegits

  • http://www.hoodyclothing.co.uk/ Hoodie Clothing

    Great stuff to read here. Keep up the good work guys

  • http://cathiet.blogspot.com CathieTranent

    Another mammoth list Andy – thanks.

    I’m only a housewife designer, but I suppose you have to start somewhere right??

    I’m @CathieTranent and sometimes I remember to use @CathieTees


  • http://www.founditemclothing.com Travis

    Shit, Andy. I don’t think I ever saw this when you first wrote it, but we appreciate the inclusion. I would never use Twitter for interpersonal communications but it does have great commercial applications. I’d say 70% of our tweets link to things we like but aren’t responsible for (movies, t-shirts, music, pop culture, news, tech, etc) and the other 30% consists of Found Item developments…

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