Greasy Tony’s Steaks & Hoagies by Found Item Clothing

by Andy on January 19, 2009


You know what I’m looking forward to when I finally, finally, get to America, which will hopefully be next week (fingers crossed!), is to eat a hoagie and lots of other stuff that I know would result in me clogging my arteries if I lived there for more than 6 months. It’s funny that on this tee it says that there is “no charge for extra grease” because just last night whilst I was chowing down on some post-drinking onion rings that it was important to “embrace the grease” because of its near magical ability to give stuff that shouldn’t taste good, taste good. So, on that basis I figure that me and America are going to get on swell, presuming I can go to a diner from an 80s teen movie.


The tee is a direct copy of Booger’s shirt from Revenge of the Nerds, so for me to critique the design would be pretty darned harsh, seeing as it is out of Found Item‘s hands to a certain extent, although I guess that they do pick and choose designs based on whether they like them.


The print looks just right; it is ever so slightly thicker than you’d imagine on a normal shirt, which gives it the feel of a tee that you would expect to get from a diner or bar, but at the same time it also has a slightly vintage look to it. The stock tee is made by American Apparel, but unlike normal, it is from their athletic range, which means it is a tad stretchier, and with a bit more of an athletic cut. Found Item have altered the shape of the tee (which has three-quarter-length-sleeves, they go to just past the elbow on me) at the lower hem to give it a rounded shape, which I assume is 100% accurate, but for me it made the cut look a bit less flattering, although that was probably more of a belly issue than an issue with the tee.

Costiness=$21.95 Buy the tee at Found Item Clothing

  • Kms021170

    omg i used to work for tony at greasy tonys in tempe haha retro t’s i hated wearing those t’s and really stained with cooking oil!

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