Stop mocking me!

by Andy on January 22, 2009


See that t-shirt up there, that is not a t-shirt, that, apparently (and I am skeptical) is a mock up. It was made up (I think) by Jeff Finley from Go Media (you’re probably more aware of their blog if you’re the kind of person that designs rather than hires designers), and I’d really like to see a tutorial about it because if this is a relatively simple process then I’d love to see it being used by more designers.

You’ve probably gotten bored of the amount I complain about poor mock ups and photoshoots of the tees and hoodies I feature, and partly I bitch because I want to have good looking images on my website, but I also mention it so frequently because on the internet we can only judge clothes by the way they look on the screen (though I’d like to think that my reviews help to give a more accurate impression of the companies that send me tees), and if your mock up doesn’t look good, you aren’t representing your own hard work well, and you aren’t giving t-shirt buyers a reason to buy your t-shirts, and I find that really frustrating.

Hoo, I feel better after that little rant, now get out there and fix your damn mock ups.

  • Jeff Finley of Go Media

    Most designers kind of underestimate how important the proofing process is for clients. It’s that extra bit of professionalism that goes a long way in winning more approvals from clients.

    While I won’t reveal my secret to the technique behind that mockup just yet, it’s just one of the things Go Media is trying to do. We’re stepping up our quality and presentation. It still needs work for sure, but this is a small step in the right direction.

  • Josh

    Totally agree about the importance of quality mockups. But I feel that, knowing how clients think/don’t think, Finley’s going to have to start including some small print about “actual print quality may vary” or “not an actual print” in that sort of mockup. Looks killer though.

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