Liberty by Akomplice Clothing [Review]

by Andy on January 27, 2009


As this review is auto-posted to Hide Your Arms (almost everything you read on here isn’t written on the same day as it is posted), I will beam sat on the train down to London to have the final interview at the American Embassy, hopefully resulting in me receiving a visa meaning I can finally fly to America to begin my internship, so I thought it would be appropriate to review a t-shirt that features that most American of icons, the Statue of Liberty.


Obviously, this isn’t your Grandma’s Statue of Liberty (I’ve always wanted to use that phrase), it is a Statue of Liberty that I’m sure some elements of America would agree more accurately represents the country that they live in today, even if change came to America just last week. Perhaps in time Lady Liberty will be able to swap her gun for the ice cream that she usually holds aloft.

On the back-right should of the tee there is some text (check out the gallery for close-ups) about how everyone in America is a ‘gangsta’ and that Liberty comes by the way of the gun. I don’t really think that it’s too necessary to the tee, for me, it just re-emphasizes the message when it’s already pretty clear what is going on.


If we were to chat quality, I’d have to give this tee a thumbs up. The tee feels lovely and soft, and whilst I think that the printing method is just regular old plastisol, it doesn’t feel too heavy despite being a pretty big print. Since Akomplice are a streetwear company, their sizes do run a fair bit larger than most of the companies that usually get reviewed here on HYA, I don’t think they’re massive though, the tee is probably a regular size and I’ve just become too used to wearing slim sized American Apparel tees, so I’d only recommend ordering a size down if you want a tight tee.

There is a little tag on the sleeve with Akomplice’s stylized logo on it. I quite like the way the white tag contrasts with the black of the tee, but you may hate it, in which case it shouldn’t be too hard to cut it off or pull out the stitching. There’s also a custom Akomplice hang tag in the tee, which looks rather nice.

Costiness=$24.99 Buy Liberty at Akomplice Clothing


    Good T-shirt and all the better for not having a slogan or statement on it. Makes it more open to different interpretations. However maybe not the shirt to wear when visiting the US Embassy.

  • Colin

    Is the statue of Liberty holding a gun a common idea? Just wondering if anyone knows because I’ve seen another shirt that was pretty much exactly the same.

  • Andy

    I assume you mean the (very) similar looking tee that was on Pop Culture Tees a few days ago Colin?

    I think it’s a fairly common idea, which is why I didn’t mention it in the review, though I’m not sure what Akomplice would say about that.

  • writing service

    Good. Thanks to the author

  • Accredited Degrees

    All these T shirt are Fantastic! especially that one in which liberty has a gun, FunnY!!!

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