Mergers & Acquisitions by Cassida [Review]

by Andy on January 30, 2009


Off the bat, I think it’s important to mention what will probably be the biggest sticking point for most of you: the price. This t-shirt costs €105. Whether the economy was in the tank or not, that would be a pretty tough sell, but I do think that Cassida are doing a lot more than some other premium t-shirt brands to help you justify dropping that cash on a tee.


The metaphor is fairly obvious, businessmen are gladiators, and I’m sure that there’s a lot of people working on Wall Street in America and Docklands in England that would agree with such sentiment. To a degree I can just about see how that works, especially if you extend the metaphor to include what Michael Quester, the man behind Cassida who has also previously been a winner at Design By Humans, wants to bring from the brand; reimagining the extravagance and opulence of the Roman empire in his first independent line of clothing. I guess that explains the rhinestones and foil then.


There is some really interesting stuff going on with these Cassida tees, and I’m really surprised that there isn’t much mention of it on their site because there has clearly been a huge amount of effort put into producing a highly-customised tee of very high quality. Compared to a ‘normal’ t-shirt, almost every aspect of Cassida’s blanks has been changed in some way; there’s little cuts on the hem to create a vintage look, and it actually works, it doesn’t look like someone just got bored with a pair of scissors. There’s inside-out stitching all over the place, which adds to the interest, and I really like the quad-stitching (anyone care to enlighten me with a correct technical term?) around the neck.

The tees do run pretty small, but they feel really good, easily some of the best I’ve ever come across, and the printing is of a high-quality too, and that includes the oft-troublesome glitter/foil areas. The tees comes in a cardboard box that has the Cassida logo on it, which is a nice-touch and helps reinforce the luxury feel of the brand.

Cassida are clearly producing t-shirts of a very high standard, but it would be very hard for me to justify spending €105 on a single t-shirt, though having said that, judging by the shops I’ve browsed in St Tropez numerous times (but never bought anything), there is certainly a market for t-shirts around that price point, and people that are willing to buy them.

Costiness=€105 Buy the tee from Cassida

  • Pamela Daley

    Oh I could just puke, really! $153 for a TEE SHIRT and let us remember that it is just a tee shirt: cotton, slip over, regular sleeves – a tee shirt. I wonder if Cassida gets the irony of arrogantly overcharging for a shirt that is about businessmen who arrogantly overcharged for their services and continue to do so today! “Shameful” as President Obama put it. Worse though – not only do they not ‘get it’ (‘it’ being the whole economic horror story which they perpetuated) they continue to rip and rape anything/body not moving fast enough. “Gargoyles of Greed” said Jack Beatty, ‘Atlantic Magazine”. Yeah.
    Time for this shit to end! I (and many others) are no longer amused.

  • Rangga

    @Pamela I agree this tee is overpriced. but I believe this kind of shirt still have its own market, the luxury good market, even in a economy downturn.

    I wont call them “arrogant” — they just stand on different ground, far from us (who found this stuff toooo expensive). Anyway, nice review Andy

  • Pamela Daley

    Hmmmmmm…’k………..maybe I got just a tad carried away (wipes the foam from her mouth). I stand by the ‘arrogant’ part though. I was in Miami the other day (breezing through on my way to Aruba….nonono I live in FL :) on Lincoln Road Mall which is aclutter (new word!) with $150 – $600 tee shirt
    shops and arrogant is definitely the word (one of them anyway….is this a family blog?). Unless, of course, Cassida is so post modern as to be post post arrogant and is actually satirizing the greed/decadence of Rome/Wall St vis a vis the post ironic greed/decadence of a $150 tee shirt! Now that would be funny. Not buyable, but funny.


  • planetees

    WOW….never know a t-shirt could cost “that Much”

  • Cassida4ever

    I like the cassida collection! Quality: 10 Points!

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