‘I want to believe’ by Brooklyn Industries [Rumplo Rocks]

by Andy on February 2, 2009


I used to watch the X Flies every week, but I couldn’t bring myself to watch the new film because I didn’t want to be disappointed, you know what I mean?

I did a little digging and couldn’t get any answers (irony alert!), is the image on this tee related to some kind of a conspiracy? I couldn’t find it reproduced anywhere.

Costiness=$34 Buy Believe at Brooklyn Industries [Rumplo Link]


    That is a neat t-shirt, and I really wanted to believe but the second movie is not movie, is a regular episode but larger.

    But still i want to believe in OVNIS in Brooklyn

  • Maxyli

    I saw this shirt at Hot Topic at the mall a couple weeks ago for 20 bucks. I have to go back and buy one, not because of the movie that had nothing to do with aliens!! But because of aliens!!!

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