Valen-tee-nes: Tees and Chocolates are the key to my heart

by Andy on February 11, 2009


I keep seeing totally lame ads and signs around Philly about Valentine’s Day, usually promoting really lame gift ideas, almost all of which run with the slogan “nothing says I love you like… .”

However, chocolates are a classic, and you know that if I can shoehorn tees into the mix I’m a happy bunny. If you spend more than $20 at District Cotton on anything, they’ll throw in some chocolates from Sweet Riot for free during the month of February (I’ve never heard of them but am assured they’re good). I don’t really ‘get’ the tee, if you could personalise it somehow maybe then I’d understand it, but as is it just feels incomplete somehow; the cut and vintage-style are a pretty cute look though. Maybe it makes sense to those of you that are in love, because I am seriously contemplating going to watch Monster Trucks on Valentine’s Day (naturally excluding me from the aforementioned category), which I think is hilarious in theory, but would be utterly tragic and depressing in reality.

Costiness=$20 (what a coincidence!) Buy ‘I Heart’ at District Cotton

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