Teetsy’s January T-shirt of the Month

by Andy on February 12, 2009


If I sink will they drink?
If I fly will they die?
A chain link bridge of hands meet
the eternal curse of wings.

Ahhh, poetry, I may write thousands of words a week, but I will never truly understand you.

This tee, counter-intuitively, is the offering from the January installment of Teetsy’s t-shirt of the month club. I don’t think that you’ll receive it if you join the club now ($240 for 12 hand-screened shirts, with extra swag each month. In addition to this mighty fine tee (I love the hands rising up from the bottom hem), this month club members received a limited edition poster print of the t-shirt design, and a glass-blown pendant. I know that $240 is a lot to slap down on a table in one go (feel free to add “especially in this economy” so this sentence if you wish), but if Teetsy manage to keep up this up for the whole 12 releases then I think you’ll agree that it’s actually pretty good value.

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