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March 2009

Stereo Panda’s Horror Series

by Andy on March 31, 2009


Like horror? Like the 80s? Like horror movies from the 80s? Then you might like this series of t-shirts from Stereo Panda.

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New j3concepts at RedBubble

by Andy on March 30, 2009


I spotted these additions a couple of weeks ago (that’s right, sometimes I find things without being e-mailed about them!).


’25 a day’ by Crispin Finn

by Andy on March 29, 2009

erskchlnxj9t8cch7htjo8jno1_r1_400 erskchlnxinabnaq7hgldadno1_r2_400

I think that the ‘5 a day’ campaign is a British thing, over here in America people seem to understand that you need to eat fruit/vegetables (and that donut jelly doesn’t count), but they haven’t got a black-and-white “eat 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables or else you’ll die” slogan. As far as modern slogans that were created by government agencies go, it’s up there with ‘eggs make a meal out of anything’ in my mind. Anyway, here’s a t-shirt that takes eating fruit and vegetables to an almost vegetarian level of madness.

Also, there was a cart setup just up the road from our office, and they were making smoothies, so I bought a ‘Hawaii Five-O’ (pineapple, banana, orange, strawberries, and… another fruit), and that was my 5 fruits right there, bam! It felt like I found a way to cheat the system! That said, I have taken to snacking on carrots here, so I guess I was doing pretty well without cheating (not counting the ice cream, of course).

Costiness=£10 Buy it at Crispin Finn (who might have a thing from red, white, and blue colourways)


Lost in Time by Validus Apparel

by Andy on March 29, 2009

templatefront templateback

For fans of triangles!

Costiness=$19.50 Buy it at Validus Apparel (on pre-sale at time of writing)


‘Gore’ from Randr

by Andy on March 28, 2009


We wanted to show off the newest shirt from Randr a little bit. We’re
absolutely in love with this print and wanted to see what you thought.
Think of it as a Pollock meets Cronenberg meets Politics.

You can pick up this sweet design on sale this week only for $13.99!

I received that e-mail on the 23rd, so I guess you have until the end of the weekend to pick it up for $13.99, who know what it will be next week, $100? $200? $7?

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ps_001 ps_011

Niiiiice, right?

Random Objects



Hey Andy,

Wanted to let you know about the new Ugmonk hoody ($52) that I just released. It based on Ugmonk’s best-seller “And Then I Woke Up” and is printed on zinc* AA zip-up fleece. I have also added an extra touch with custom Ugmonk woven hem tags.

Thanks in advance!


I know some of you don’t like tags, but that one on the bottom hem is so hot (/paris).

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Three new Scribtees

by Andy on March 27, 2009

mainstream_large heavymetal_large allinme_large

I like ‘em all!




The tee in the middle? Yes. The two on the outside? Kinda meh.



I know I’m taking a few days off from posting, but when I got an e-mail saying that a company who were one of HYAs first ever advertisers, AND are Philly natives, 2one5, are selling hoodies for $20, I thought it deserved a quick mention.

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Coty Gonzalez interviews me!

by Andy on March 25, 2009

SDC15010 copy

I probably should have mentioned earlier that I’m taking a few days off from HYA (my brother has come to visit me in Philly, and I’m ill, so there’s just no time for HYA), but if you need your fix of Andy, I recently answered a few questions from ‘the hardest working tee blogger in the whole damn world,’ Coty Gonzales.

Check out the interview here.


XLarge x Cookie Monster… what?

by Andy on March 21, 2009


Collaborations are so weird, there has to be some crazy leap for XLarge to reach out to Sesame street about making a tee together, and an even crazier leap for Sesame street to think it was a good idea, but I guess it’s okay since they ended up with a tee that’s… okay.

Costiness=5040 yen (I’m not going to translate because I’m sure it will be more than a tee should cost) Buy it at Calif

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There’s no such thing as bad publicity

by Andy on March 21, 2009


This is a bit of an old story, but I still want to mention it. A pizzeria in San Fransisco has printed up some (actually quite cool looking) t-shirts that display all their 1 star reviews from one of my new favourite sites, Yelp. It’s been a great guide for me trying to find places to eat in the city (amongst other things), including, funnily enough, a good pizza place just a couple of blocks from my apartment.

I don’t know what I’d think if I walked into a pizza place and saw the employees wearing tees that said their pies sucked, but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t inspire me with confidence. Maybe their angle is that by pointing out the bad reviews, they’re pointing out how wrong they are when people eat the pizza?

[via 7×7]


Coltesse’s SS09 Line. Wow.

by Andy on March 21, 2009


Maybe I’m a bit tired after doing a days work then coming back to the apartment and writing a dozen or so blog posts, but I am very impressed with Coltesse‘s Spring line. Hopefully this won’t be one of those cases where I’ll wake up and roll over only to find that the designs aren’t quite as pretty as they were last night. Also, I’ve had a beer or two.

Rest of the tees can be found in the gallery


Franco Shade are FRSH

by Andy on March 20, 2009

Web tee_drag_white_final_a

When I saw the promo image at the top for Franco Shade I got a little bit excited, things died down a bit when I saw their new spring line because I think that it’s a bit logo text heavy, but that’s their thing so I’m cool with it, and I do like the style, and maybe you will too.

Loads more shots in the gallery


A couple of new shirts from Enclothe

by Andy on March 20, 2009

nouv_web lantern

Derek has dropped a couple of new tees and they live up to his usually high standard. However I feel that I must be critical of one thing, one of these tees has the totally awesome name of Nouveau Mechanica, and the other is called Red Lantern… not good enough!

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Mouldy Loaf have fresh tees

by Andy on March 20, 2009


Birmingham (UK, not Alabama) based Mouldy Loaf dropped me a line to let me know three things; they exist, who they are, and that they have some new tees available. I like’m, your thoughts please.

A couple more tees in the gallery



It’s another year for Airside T-shirt Club and this time it’s our 10th anniversary. To celebrate we asked three of the most popular designers from our ten year history to join Fred Deakin in creating new t-shirts exclusively for T-shirt Club members. Fred is joined by Michael Gillette, Shoboshobo and Ian Stevenson and we’re really looking forward to see what they’ll come up with.

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone that doesn’t like Airside, granted, I don’t ask everyone I meet if they like Airside, but still, you get my point… they’re good. Also, at £99 for 4 tees over the year (plus an exclusive poster, and exclusive discount offers throughout the year), it’s fairly good value… y’know, for a British company.

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Fubiz lists 20 great t-shirt companies

by Andy on March 20, 2009


Fubiz may write in French, but the language of cool tees is universal. They’ve put together a list of 20 t-shirt companies they like, and funnily enough, I like pretty much all of them too. Most have been featured on HYA before, but they’ll probably serve as a good reminder for for indie tee veterans, and a source of much wallet-emptying merriment for the newbies.



I’m not too hot on most of this new line (boob as a bagpipe anyone?), the rest of which can be found in the gallery, but the tee above is really rather fetching.

I’m not sure if this range of tees is exclusive to Roktic, but they are selling them, so you might as well get your Sixpack fix there.

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