Tolky Monkys Micro-Stories Contest… Prizes!

by Andy on March 3, 2009


Tolky Monkys need to create some new characters, and they’re having a comeptition to rectify that situation. So, what do you expect the competition? To be. No. You’re wrong, it’s not that. You don’t have to design it, just write about it.

See that character up there in the image? Name it, write a short story about it (250 words max), and you’re in. The easiest part of this whole thing? You can leave your entries right here on HYA.

That’s the short version, so get thinking about your entry whilst you read the rules:

    The contest runs from now until March 12th (next Thursday). I will close comments on this post then, but if I forget, don’t bother leaving an entry after the 12th because it’s not going to count
    There is a maximum of 300 entries to this competition. I know that sounds like a lot, but HYA is not the only blog running this competition, so that’s 300 global entries
    Of all the global entries, the best name, and the best story will each win 4 items of their choice from Tolky Monkys latest collection, which is to be released in April.
    The top two entrants from HYA (as judged by Tolky Monkys) will win a tee or polo of their choice
    You are allowed to enter more than once, so if you have loads of ideas feel free to let them rip.
    There’s also 4 tees up for grabs to 4 bloggers who bring attention to the competition. You can spread the word by linking to the Tolky Monkys sit, the Tolky Monkys blog, by linking to this post.
    There’s also another 4 tees up for grabs to people that twitter the following the message: @Tolky_Monkys Microstories Contest. Propose short stories for a new Character and get t-shirts FOR FREE ::::: RT this and win t-shirts
    Both blogging and twittering the competition does double your chances of winning a tee

Here are the rules in full, and here is the Tolky Monkys blog post explaining the whole lot again (including the other people who are involved).

Now get on it!

  • weiss

    Stella Spacial

  • henryv

    The wingéd dude up there is called Ecanus. Ecanus is the angel of writers. When stuck for inspiration, on something like a tie-break question in a competition, Ecanus will throw lightning bolts at the stumped wordsmith, giving them inspiration in a flash (much like Sir Isaac Newton with the apple).

    He has a son, Ecaninho, who hatched from an egg God gave him (there’s no sh*gging in heaven). Ecaninho doesn’t want anything to do with the family business and wants to be a premiership footballer when he grows up instead.

    Ecanus is not to be confused with Cupid, the horny little beggar that is responsible for so many single parent families (it’s all very well going round shooting people and making them fall in love, but he’s never there to help pick up the pieces when the spell wears off, is he?).

    So next time you have writers block, and an idea just pops into your head, spare a thought for Ecanus – the angel of writers.

  • James F

    Meet… Das Polkington!

    In the late 1950’s, a secret military research team and the Hayworth’s Old Fashion Pudding Pop Company of America worked on a series of experiments to create a weapon of mass destruction…. that could also biologically produce delicious pudding pops of various flavors. They never could have predicted what they wrought that day, a being of unimaginable…. uselessness. I give you: Das Polkington!

  • Alfred the Reborn Elephantopus

    Alfred was an Elephantopus, a half elephant half octopus half elephant. Once a day he lays a single egg, which is a carbon copy of himself. When he lays the egg. He dies and is reborn, kind of like a phoenix, but alot more green, pussy, and horrifying. He enjoys long walks on the beach and watching the lightning arc off of Power Conversion stations. One day he hopes to be able to become a Theme Park Mascot, and fashioned a crude hat out of carpet to try to sell himself as a marketing opportunity.

  • brandon h

    The late blooming reptilios creature has become synonymous with the bits of crackers and chips that get stuck on your shirt and pants when you eat at fancy restaurants. he is called a dunni-dob, we all have one and they are individually named. each one arises in our psyche and then passes at the end of the day but not before giving birth to a future creature of unavoidable awkwardness.

  • Isaiah

    Green is the color of Spring and creatures with wings become popular things.

    This world is full of funny pickles like a big guy named Morky and a little one named Dibbles.

    Though best friends they may seem, some say that Morky’s mean.

    So he zaps himself cause it tickles and keeps him from eating cute Dibbles.

  • Pablo

    The Evenfall Brothers

  • Tolky Monkys

    Hi to everyone!

    Time to participate is over. Next Wednesday March 18th we hope we´ll have the names of the prizewinners. There are plenty of stories for the whole contest and it will take us a lot of time to read them, but we´ll do our best ;]

    Thanks a lot for participating!

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