Last chance to buy this delightful Diablo 3 t-shirt

by Andy on March 13, 2009


Apparently the makers of Diablo 3, y’know, the people that own the copyright and intellectual property of the game, weren’t too happy about NerdyShirts making this design, so they’re going to have to stop selling it on Thursday (today, arrrgghhhh!), and I guess that they’ve had quite a few printed up that need shifting, because it is now available for the rock bottom price of $5. If that’s still too much for you (cough-cheapbastard-cough), there’s also the coupon code of ackbar that will get you 10% off your NS order up until the 16th.

Costiness=$5 Buy it at NerdyShirts

  • henryv
  • Kevin

    Yeah, one of the lead designers at Blizzard was wearing this shirt at Blizzcon ’08, and they didn’t want it on sale to anyone

  • Kevin

    Dang, it’s already sold out.

  • samuel

    ackbar doesn’t work for me :\

  • Andy

    Hmmm, that’s odd, I’ve put in an e-mail to them about ackbar, so I’ll get back to you with that.

    It’s strange that someone from Blizzard would wear it, although I guess that legal and design divisions aren’t necessarily working too closely.

  • Nerdyshirts

    I’m not sure why ackbar didn’t work.. the cart is having a lot of issues with coupons.. strange. Try “thewaitisover” for 10% off… it should work :)

  • Jhynia

    The one made by blizzard was alot better looking than this. I was really pissed that I bought it for 15 and a few days later it was dropped to 5. but you can’t blame blizz for not wanting a ‘copycat’ of their design made and them not making profit -_-“

  • Marc

    Of course they don’t want this shirt selling. The design totally unicorned D3 up! And as we all know, there are no unicorns in Diablo 3…I think…

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