Stupid Goddamn Australian racists, RikkiB to the rescue

by Andy on March 16, 2009


I’m not sure if people outside of Australia are aware, but There’s a large and disturbing racist movement gaining momentum here.

Everything seemed to come to a head with the Cronulla Riots in 2005 where around 5000 people showed up after recieving this text, “Come to Cronulla this weekend to take revenge. This Sunday every Aussie in the Shire get down to North Cronulla to support Leb [Lebanese] and wog [Italian] bashing day”.

In a small effort to show people that Australians aren’t all ignorant, racist dicks, I’ve designed this tshirt (attached). Hopefully it’ll help some people to feel welcome here.

Costiness=AU$30 Buy it at RedBubble

  • Henry

    Hey I wasnt aware of these racial issues in Australia. I guess there are always elements of racism in any country in this world. Its a shame really, but good effort on the Tshirt. :) :)

  • Andy

    Henry, I know that putting links to your sites is a lot less spammy than most other methods, but please just put the link to your blog in the URL field so it will be associated with your name rather than being in the comment. Also, I think the name links are SEO-friendly, which is probably a plus for you.

  • alexio

    Thanks for linking to this, what a great shirt. Yeah, there’s a bit of racism here in Aus too, but I like to think it’s a minority. How do people in a country founded on immigration get angry about immigrants? The mind boggles. I think I will buy this shirt.

  • Krystal

    Well…i think it’s possibly 4 years too late for this shirt to create effect :\

  • Observer

    well aussies do hav a rich tradition of wiping out the aborigines
    guess it still runs in their blood

  • Ian

    “a large and disturbing racist movement gaining momentum here.” Really?? Try do a google search to find any racist organisations here. I agree with alexio that its really a minority. I think you over react with your quoted comment. I think youll find the racism goes both ways. you havnt seen the under new managment tshirts with the Lebanese flag over an Aus map? Why can Lebanese girls wear “proud to be leb” tshirts when If I wore proud to be aussie i would be called racist? I dont mean to stir trouble but I do think rash comments like “a large and disturbing racist movement gaining momentum here.” are quite ignorant and inflamitory.

  • Ian

    “Stupid Goddamn Australian racists, RikkiB to the rescue” Is a racist statement in itself.

  • Ian

    sorry but one last comment. The tshirt should say “come on in, there’s heaps of room. But stuff all water. Please bring some with you”

  • Andy

    Hi Ian, I’m not Australian so I don’t know the full story, but the actual text of article wasn’t written by me, it’s a quote from RikkiB (who is Australian), which is why it’s in different colours to normal text on the site. I’ll admit that it’s hard to tell it wasn’t written by me if you’re not a regular reader.

    I can’t imagine you being called racist for wearing a tee that says you’re proud to be an Aussie, I think that’s a bit of an over-reaction, I’ve always perceived Australians to be a very patriotic bunch, most of the ones I’ve met are proud of their country, and that does not make them racist, but in every country there are people who take ‘pride’ and turn it into something far more threatening and dangerous.

    Regarding the title, it’s a personal joke. Some friends and I were playing Halo on Xbox Live a few years ago at university and there were the usual trolls making racist comments, so one of my friends said “stupid racist Americans,” and then we realised that statement itself was actually a bit racist, so it turned into a running joke amongst our group. Clearly, it’s hard to convey the in-joke nature of that title when they’re meant to be short, so I take that point on-board, but I had presumed people would realise the irony of the statement, clearly that was not the case here.

  • Ian

    Hey Andy, Sorry mate. It was only three hours previous to me reading this that I was called a “racist in the making” For my tattoo of the southern cross by complete strangers. Its a bit wierd but we have alot of people that seem to think patriotism is next to racism. Its quite common for people to make fun of somone with australian iconography on display but once we leave the country we are the full patriot. Its a missunderstanding of political correctness and an overly self concious guilt for european invasion 200 years ago.
    My girlfriend of 4 years is born here but of Indian heritage, most of my mates are of another background (my best mate is a new australian from Kenya) like most of us here and thats why I get a bit touchy about all this. Im a stereotypical Aussie to look at and have a strong accent but the younger gen (sorry some of) see this as a sign of a red neck?!? Its a new trend to be politicly correct or something. lolz. I guess the few other comments are a bit of an example of that.
    But to say something like “come in theres heaps of room” is an ignorant statement as we are on very harsh water restriction and are having a housing problem. A waiting list of 6 years for public housing if youre a disadvantaged Australian but nil wait if youre a refugee. of course the illegals onboats have to wait to be processed and that can take upto 3 years but they will get in and be given support. Great! they are in need.
    But I think untill we do some house keeping, get through the drought and can come up with a better solution than detaining illegals on Xmas island. We need to shut shop. Maybe only another few years.
    Anyhoo after saying that Im bound to be labeled racist even though I love all the people of earth. sorry for poluting your blog dude but thanx for getting back to me.
    p.s. Ill have to read more of your stuf :)

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