Sex in the Pocket by Akomplice Clothing [Reviews]

by Andy on March 17, 2009


I get the feeling, and I completely understand why, that quite are lot of you (women, for example) are going to take exception to this t-shirt. Scantily clad women on t-shirts tend to have that effect. A month and a bit ago I probably would have been burning a bra right along side you, because the streetwear culture is different in the UK, but after being in America for a while, I’m starting to get why this kind of thing could be popular, so I’m not going to give Akomplice a hard time about it.

If you can get past the subject of the print, this is actually a really high quality t-shirt, which usually tends to be the case with AK. I remember the print being nice, I love halftones, the breast pocket is somewhat unusual (it’s the first tee I’ve ever received with a breast pocket), but I think it works, and there’s a tag on the sleeve which gives it a quality finish. I quite like sleeve tags, but if you don’t, it wouldn’t be too tough to cut it off.

Also, in the breast pocket there’s a custom AK condom, something I was unaware of even when I was taking the pictures, and throwing the tees into my room before leaving for the airport… I wonder if my Mom found it when cleaning my room?

Costiness=$35.99 Buy Sex In The Pocket at Akomplice Clothing

  • Kate M.

    That shirt is both sexist and unoriginal. I’m surprised that you’re not overly critical of it, when I’ve read your blog and you’ve been critical of shirts that have better designs than this. Street wear is supposed to be about “culture”. You’ll see a million Obama tees, anti-war tees, and then in the same range tees that present women as objects whose only value is their bodies. It’s ironic how street wear companies try to be about equal rights and culture and then release shirts like this. All that aside, the design is plain boring and as I said before, it’s been done over and over.

  • percy

    I can’t wait to see you wear this to work on Friday.

  • Andy

    I’m afraid it didn’t make the cut for being brought to the US Percy, so you’ll just have to imagine it.

    Kate… does it make it any better that at least they’re promoting safe sex?

  • China clothing

    Thanks so much :)

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