’25 a day’ by Crispin Finn

by Andy on March 29, 2009

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I think that the ‘5 a day’ campaign is a British thing, over here in America people seem to understand that you need to eat fruit/vegetables (and that donut jelly doesn’t count), but they haven’t got a black-and-white “eat 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables or else you’ll die” slogan. As far as modern slogans that were created by government agencies go, it’s up there with ‘eggs make a meal out of anything’ in my mind. Anyway, here’s a t-shirt that takes eating fruit and vegetables to an almost vegetarian level of madness.

Also, there was a cart setup just up the road from our office, and they were making smoothies, so I bought a ‘Hawaii Five-O’ (pineapple, banana, orange, strawberries, and… another fruit), and that was my 5 fruits right there, bam! It felt like I found a way to cheat the system! That said, I have taken to snacking on carrots here, so I guess I was doing pretty well without cheating (not counting the ice cream, of course).

Costiness=£10 Buy it at Crispin Finn (who might have a thing from red, white, and blue colourways)

  • Kevin

    It’s actually seven over here, and we just don’t follow it as closely.

  • http://www.mingled.co.uk MiNGLED

    Yep, 5-a-day is the government eat healthy campaign because some people do need to be told. And for some reason chips and cider don’t count towards the 5.

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