The Threadless Bunnies are hiding in Philly

by Andy on April 12, 2009


Threadless have done something very fun over the Easter weekend. Starting in New York on Friday, then Chicago yesterday, and finally in Philadelphia today, they’ve been depositing 5 of those bunny boxes (each of which contain a gift certificate worth $20 to $100) that you can see in the picture in each of the cities, then twittering about the location of each box. I’ve been trying to work out where they’d put the boxes here in Philly, and I get the distinct feeling that they’re going to put one of them in Rittenhouse Square, where I live, so I’m going to be keeping an eye on Twitter if I’m in my apartment all day (Hide Your Arms doesn’t write itself!). If by some miracle I do find a bunny box I’ll run a competition for one of you guys to win the gift certificate, so if I win, you win!

Update: I didn’t win, so you won’t either, the boxes weren’t placed particular near my apartment, and when I did happen to wander past one of the locations (Love Park) on a walk/trip to Chinatown to buy weird snacks this afternoon I had a decent look around and the little bunny was nowhere to be seen.

  • Coty

    Sigh, if only I lived in the mainland US. They could have asked me to hide some bunnies in Hawaii and I would have obliged! LOL…

  • Andy

    I thought it would have been cool if they put more than one bunny in each location, and even though only one had a GC in it at least other people would have been able to enjoy it.

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