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May 2009


They’re all fantastic, buy them.



$8 sale at Fera Fera

by Andy on May 28, 2009


When returning from a break, there’s a bit of a conundrum about what I should write about first, should it be something amazing, or should I just keep on ‘doing what I do’ and post something normal. Well, after 4 months of the extraordinary, here’s something ordinary, an $8 sale. Actually, an $8 sale is pretty extraordinary, and Fera Fera‘s tees are pretty cool, so I guess I’m doing them something of a disservice.


… and we’re back

by Andy on May 27, 2009

Picture 923

Philly was phun and taught me a lot, my trip around the States was amazing, but I’m back in Britain, so it’s back to reality and back to HYA. I have some fairly big plans for the future (who doesn’t?), including that perennial favourite, the site redesign, so hopefully after this period of stagnation I can get HYA back on track and bigger and better than ever (I’m going to take over the world, don’t you know?).

Oh, and if you sent me an e-mail in the last 3 weeks, don’t expect a reply for a very long time, as the backlog of things I have to write about is now about 500 items long, but at least it means I’ll never run out of stuff to post!


DSCF7205 copy

I’m sure none of you actually thought I was dead, but nothing getting posted on HYA for almost a week is fairly unusual, so I thought I’d better confirm that I haven’t abandoned you.

Since last Wednesday I have given myself severe sunburn in Santa Monica, driven to Las Vegas, stayed at the Circus Circus and didn’t have nearly as much fun as Hunter S. Thompson, met random dudes and a midget on the strip, flew to see the Grand Canyon, drove through Death Valley with the AC cranked way up, played in the snow on the way to Yosemite, almost fell asleep on the drive into San Francisco (my traveling companion would have been scared… if she wasn’t asleep too… it was a long day), and I’ve still got 8 days to go!



Good old laFraise, you can always rely on them to bust out a hot tee… maybe they should put a limit on the amount of characters allowed in the username of people submitting to the contest though…

Costiness=€19 Buy it at laFraise

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You probably saw this tee around the blogs a few weeks ago when it was released (and when I actually typed up this post), it was good then and it’s still good now! (presuming it hasn’t sold out yet)

Costiness=$18 Buy Ape-ocalypse at Go Ape

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My Life Rocks by Print Liberation

by Andy on May 10, 2009


With the robo-posting schedule we’re running at the moment, I’m actually writing this post on April 30th (the Sixers went out the playoffs about an hour ago, sigh), so I’m presuming that my life rocks when this post goes live because I’m going to be roaming around LA, because who doesn’t have a good time in LA? Hmmm… I hope I don’t have to switch the tee in this post for this one.

Oh, and for the Philly-ites I’ve left behind, Print Liberation, who make the above tee, are opening a store up in NoLibs (see, I got the local slang down) on May 15th. I’ve included the crap-tastic commercial about the store opening about the cut.

Costiness=$19 Buy it at Print Liberation

click here to watch a video that is so ironic it they could have only opened a store in Northern Liberties



See, there’s some proof that I’m busy and don’t have time to make up crazy pun-filled titles because I’m having too much fun on the West Coast, so feel free to make up a title yourself, and make sure you check out Heroine Clothing too.


What Randr did in April

by Andy on May 8, 2009


Pretty solid month, though for me the right side of that picture is looking more pleasant than the left… but not by much

All are $16.99 each, and all are available at Randr.

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Longsleeve Logo Tee by Melon Kid

by Andy on May 7, 2009


For this review you can basically wash, rinse, and repeat what I said in my first Melon Kid review: the logo is cute but it’s still a logo shirt; the shirts are high quality and I believe custom made; and that you shouldn’t write off Melon Kid as being a ‘logo tee’ company because they make up a small selection of their inventory, in fact they actually have some great designs.

Costiness=€18.80 (down from €25 for who knows how long) Buy it at Melon Kid.

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Thanks Philly…. road trip!

by Andy on May 6, 2009


I have had an amazing time in Philly over the past 3 months and met some great people, but my internship is over, and now it’s time to see a bit more of America. As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, that means that HYA will be on going on hiatus until pretty much the start of June. However, I’ve managed to find a bit of time (when you only have one suitcase to pack your life in it’s not really a struggle to move out of an apartment) and have written up a bunch of posts that will be auto-posted over the next few weeks.

I know that I’m not the best person at responding to e-mail even when I’m not running my current crazy schedule, but whilst I’m away service will be even slower than usual, and if you’re a first-time e-mailer sending me a press release or asking me to review your site, I won’t e-mail back until I’ve written up a post for you. If I don’t like what I see I just won’t be replying, sorry, but I only have 18 more days in this country and I want to experience as much of it as possible.

I’d also like to experience meeting teeple (a word I’m trying and failing to popularise) that I’ve e-met through HYA, so if you live in LA, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Boston or New York and want to meet me (and my delightful traveling companion Clare, and don’t worry ladies, we’re just friends, in spite of photographic evidence) and go for a beer or do whatever it is people do for fun in your city, get in e-mail or Twitter me and we’ll try and meet up.


Spring ’09 from Beautiful/Decay

by Andy on May 5, 2009


The Beautiful/Decay tee I received and kind-of reviewed back in December has swiftly become one of my favourites, not least because despite my lack of expertise in the laundry room it looks exactly the same as when I pulled it out of the envelope. They are a bit slim on fit (I asked them to send an XL, I got an XXL, and it was for the best they did), but that doesn’t really matter I guess since you can just order one size up, unless you’re one of those people that freak out at seeing a different letter or number from usual inside a shirt.

Long and short, the quality is great, and as you would expect, these designs are pretty cool too.


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New for Spring at Tokyo Art Beat

by Andy on May 5, 2009

slide1 slide2

One is by Teppei Kaneuji and one is by Ian Lynam, enjoy!

Costiness=¥3500 Buy it at Tokyo Art Beat



Your purchase of a limited edition, “Water is Life” t-shirt will support our clean water efforts in Ghana. Proceeds from t-shirt sales will go directly towards our ongoing efforts to implement four clean water projects in rural villages throughout Ghana (for the latest project news, visit All shirts cost $20 including shipping. Support Well Done by pre-ordering your “Water is Life” t-shirt today (shipment begins on May 1st, 2009).

Buy the tee at Brute Labs and help someone out that needs it.



What’s the deal with Andy posting two t-shirts from the TopatoCo stable within a couple of days of each other? I mean, come on!

Costiness=$18.50 Buy Seinfeld Nunchaku at TopatoCo (pre-order, shipping early may)

(I wish someone would make a cool Leno shirt so that I could start a post by saying “have you seen this? heave you heard about this?)


Sehubabe sale until May 15th

by Andy on May 3, 2009




I tried reading Dinosaur Comics for a while but just couldn’t get into it, maybe if I’d stuck with it for longer I’d have started to appreciate it more.

However (caution, a beast of a segue is coming up), one thing I can appreciate right now is this t-shirt (yeah, I told you it was good), which apparently a lot of other people do because it’s being reprinted in several sizes. It’s kind of hard to make out the writing on the tee, even on the larger picture on the product page, but what I could make out seemed pretty funny. One unfortunate thing I’ve found about tees like this is that people will insist upon reading the whole thing, which would probably get quite awkward after a paragraph or two.

Costiness=$18 Buy it from TopatoCo



You know how hipster guys all had beards, then they all had mustaches, and apparently all of them have poor eyesight because they need to have thick-rimmed glasses? I’m pretty surprised that monocles haven’t become the latest trend. By the way, if monocles become a trend now, one, I called it, and two, you can blame me for all the people wearing monocles looking like tools.

Sir Critter is a new brand from Jeremy Kalgreen (the Amorphia/Tech the Controversy guy) that’s all about classy animals… thus all my monocle based chatter. Here’s the blurb:

Sir Critter ~ Hey Nature, Why not class things up a bit?

Isn’t it about time nature got with the program and started showing a little refinement, maybe even a hint of elegance? For some reason animals just can’t seem to get their act together, so let us provide nature an example to live by with these fine t-shirts emblazoned with classy critters.

As you may have gathered from the picture above, the designs all run along a fairly similar theme, but they’re pretty funny so I’m going to allow such a lack of diversity.

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While You Were Out by Teetsy [Review]

by Andy on May 1, 2009


Whilst I’m sure that nothing untoward happened to my toothbrush whilst I lived with these guys three years ago at university, but I must say it is quite liberating living on my own knowing that everything in this place is my responsibility (even if my sublet apartment is stuffed with Judaica and pictures of people I don’t know), and that no one, or gnome one is sticking my well-worn toothbrush up their butt because I took the last of the milk.

As an image, I find this design pretty funny, but as a tee, I don’t know if it will be finding its way into my regular rotation of tees I wear when I go out with my friends (aka, the best tees). For me, the print is a little bit small, but irritatingly, it’s shape doesn’t lend it to being printed larger. So, in summation, the print is too small, but it shouldn’t be made bigger… yep, I am a completely useless reviewer.


Quality was impressive, decent print, and printed onto an American Apparel blank. It should be noted that whilst in my pictures it looks like a grey t-shirt, in reality the tee is more of an olive green, which acts as proof that you should never use a normal flash on a point-and-shoot when you’re taking product shots (I’d retake the pictures, but I’ve already sent the tee back to England).

Costiness=$13 Buy While You Were Gone at Teetsy

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