While You Were Out by Teetsy [Review]

by Andy on May 1, 2009


Whilst I’m sure that nothing untoward happened to my toothbrush whilst I lived with these guys three years ago at university, but I must say it is quite liberating living on my own knowing that everything in this place is my responsibility (even if my sublet apartment is stuffed with Judaica and pictures of people I don’t know), and that no one, or gnome one is sticking my well-worn toothbrush up their butt because I took the last of the milk.

As an image, I find this design pretty funny, but as a tee, I don’t know if it will be finding its way into my regular rotation of tees I wear when I go out with my friends (aka, the best tees). For me, the print is a little bit small, but irritatingly, it’s shape doesn’t lend it to being printed larger. So, in summation, the print is too small, but it shouldn’t be made bigger… yep, I am a completely useless reviewer.


Quality was impressive, decent print, and printed onto an American Apparel blank. It should be noted that whilst in my pictures it looks like a grey t-shirt, in reality the tee is more of an olive green, which acts as proof that you should never use a normal flash on a point-and-shoot when you’re taking product shots (I’d retake the pictures, but I’ve already sent the tee back to England).

Costiness=$13 Buy While You Were Gone at Teetsy

  • Richard

    Yeah, err, about the toothbrush… hmmm… it was Matt…

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