Bye Bye Love by Love Eneroth [Rumplo Rocks]

by Andy on June 10, 2009


I always really liked the idea of Polaroid cameras, something that I may have mentioned before, the concept of being able to hold something tangible in your hands straight after taking a photo is a bit more exciting than taking a picture and then immediately looking at an LCD screen. Still, given the option of having a digital camera and a Polaroid camera, I know I’d be picking megapixels over printed polaroids every time.

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  • Enkor

    I bought a Polaroid Camera recently. Well actually it was a while back on eBay. I hadn’t used it until just recently, though. Mostly because the film for the stupid camera runs about $25 for 10 pictures. But I found some at $15 a pack so I bought two.

    Just thought it was a relevant story.

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