Curious Tales make Curious T-shirts (and give HYAers a 25% off coupon code)

by Andy on June 12, 2009


In their own words:

The label is called Curious Tales and it combines my love of
storytelling, fashion and the environment. (I also do upcycled clothes
and they were the inspiration for the stories, I started wondering
about who had worn the clothes before and started writing about them!)

All the tees feature scribbly drawings and the start of a story about
a weird character. On some of the men’s tees there’s a scribbly
headless body printed on the front so you become the character as soon
as you put it on.

They’re interactive as well, because you can get creative and continue
the tale yourself, uploading endings to the tale on the website.

Check them out at

Because I’m a boring old cynic I don’t really buy into all this ‘tales’ business, no matter how whimsical they might be, but I do like the hand drawn designs, and the tees being made of organic cotton or bamboo is a plus as well (I’m so into bamboo tees at the moment, really soft, great for summer). Curious Tales don’t just do tees either, they’ve got a whole load of accessories too.

From now until July 10th you guys can enjoy a very generous 25% off your order by entering the coupon code hideyourarms at the checkout, which is nice.

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