Pandy Cane make some sweet tees

by Andy on June 14, 2009


Pandy Cane is a British-based brand all about pandas and candy, which I do believe is one of the most niche-y of niches I’ve ever covered on HYA. The designs are pretty swee… sorry, cool, especially the one pictured which is obviously a play on the King Kong story. I’d like to see them following that kind of idea more, taking famous images and transplanting candy and pandas into them, not that there’s anything wrong with a simple panda + candy cane design.

Every order from Pandy Cane receives some extra goodies in their box along with the tee, like a CD/poster/stickers, which is always a little bonus, and, all UK orders qualify for free shipping. As if all of that wasn’t enough, how about a HYA exclusive coupon code? You’ll get 15% off anything in the store with the code hideyourarms. Awesome!

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