Birdshot by Cotton Factory

by Andy on June 17, 2009


A few days ago I was sat in our living room when I heard a thud against the big bay window. It’s not unusual for birds to smack into the window, but they usually get straight up and fly away seemingly unharmed. This occasion was different, the bird (judging by its fluffiness this may well have been the chicks first foray out of the nest) just lay there, twitching every so often, it’s little heart beating at a furious pace. Whilst I’m no vet, I presumed that it had hit head first, cracked its skull and was now going through a rather nasty hemorrhaging ordeal, but I left it alone because I couldn’t do anything and didn’t want to scare it, so I turned back to the TV. About 20 minutes later I glanced out the window and found the little bird to now be stood up, slowly moving it’s head around, but still not particularly active. Ten minutes or so went by when I took another look to see how my new feathery chum was doing, and it’s head was darting around now, it gave it’s wings a couple of stretches and took off as if nothing had happened. It was weird how emotionally invested I got into the life of this little bird just because it crashed next to the window, or maybe I just really didn’t want to pick up a dead bird to throw in the trash.

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