Old Cupcakes, Yummers!

by Andy on July 8, 2009


Johnny Cupcakes (pictured above, invading Japan) has a tendency to release quite a lot of limited edition tees (if you get what I mean “lots of not many, Andy, you’re an idiot!”), usually at one of the many events he hosts in his stores and around America. That’s the kind of limited edition I can get behind, they’re just sold at those events as a reward to the die-hard fans that support his brand, so that they can get something special.

The problem with only selling them at events is that most people can’t be there even if they want to. So, to remedy that situation somewhat, Johnny (through the medium of his sister, IIRC) has setup an official ‘JC Vault’ on eBay. The vault has auctions for lots of old, rare, and limited edition items which often can’t be found anywhere else, and all with the guarantee that it’s 100% legit. Unfortunately, since fans of JC are about 5 tees away from forming a cult (and yes, the significance of those initials did make me want to shoehorn the word ‘cult’ into a sentence somewhere), you probably won’t be picking up a bargain, but if there’s a design you really, really, really want, then I’m sure you’ll be willing to empty your PayPal account for it.

Johnny Cupcakes eBay Vault

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