25% off tees at Turtlehead [Coupon Codes]

by Andy on July 9, 2009


Turtlehead just sent me over a new ad banner. That’s not necessarily big news, though it is a nice banner, but the ad comes with a coupon code on it for a 25% off all of their tees. I realise that quite a lot of you probably just read Hide Your Arms via an RSS reader, so you may never actually visit my website (don’t worry, I’m not shaking a fist at you, I do the same with a lot of blogs too), and therefore not see the banners (they’re great, you should totally check them out), meaning you’d miss out on this offer. Use the coupon code ILOVELAMP at the checkout to receive the discount.

  • http://www.tee-junction.com/teedirectory/ Adam (TeeDirectory)

    I’ve always been put off Turtlehead by the name, assuming they were another of those crass purveyors of drinking humour related t-shirts. So i’ve never had a good browse round there, which now I just have I’m happy to say they are in fact very decent indeed.

  • http://andrewbowness.com Andy

    Yeah, the name probably does put off a lot of tee snobs.

  • http://www.tee-junction.com/teedirectory/ Adam

    you dissing me as a tee snob? ;)

  • http://andrewbowness.com Andy

    We’re all tee snobs!

  • http://www.complainthub.com Jon

    This shirt (http://www.turtlehead.ie/stuffformen/men_enlarged.php?id=65&sex=Male) is f’ing awesome. And with 25% off, it sort of approaches affordable. Sort of.

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