More Harry Potter t-shirts than you can wave a wand at

by Andy on July 9, 2009


‘Hairy Otter and the Half Bent Pins’ image by Cathie Tranent

Let’s get one thing quite clear, I know extremely little about Harry Potter, I’ve never read one of the books (I always tell my HP-loving friends that I “don’t read children’s books” and then stand back whilst they rant), and I’ve never seen any of the films, though curiously I have seen one of the flying Ford Anglia’s that were used during filming. However, one of my friends (who is OBSESSED with Harry Potter) asked me how come I can spend so much time compiling lists and not mention Harry Potter? Apparently me not knowing anything about the series wasn’t a good enough excuse for her, so I pretty much had to write this list. Unfortunately, it would seem that whilst Harry Potter may have an awful lot of fans, they apparently aren’t graphic designers, which has resulted in this list being populated with more than a few tees that wouldn’t get featured on HYA in a normal post, but hopefully you Harry Potter fans will now have something appropriate to wear next week when the new film comes out.


1. Identity Crisis – Fuzzy Ink – $17.95


2. Harry Is My Homeboy – Snorg Tees – $18.95


3. Levicorpus (reads: “Now you can read this!” on the bacK) – Official WB Shop – $18.95


4. Muggle – Hot Topic – $22


5. Amortentia – Official WB Shop – $18.95


6. Gryffindor Quidditch Practice Jersey (the name on the back can be customised) – CustomizedGirl – $24.97


7. Harry is my homeboy (looks similar to the first one, but is rather cheaper) – Live Shirts – $12.99


8. Spolit – Threadless – $9 (currently sold out in all but XS, and I kept the picture near-unreadable since the design is all about ruining the surprise twists in movies)


9. Fantasy Football – BustedTees – $20 (yes, it’s not explicitly Potter-esque, but it’s funny and has a wizard on it) [via Seibei]


10. Nah, It’s Not Polyjuice Potion… I Always Look This Good – Zazzle – £30.35 (what’s this polyjuice potion and where do I get some?)


11. Spoiler T-shirt explaining the last chapter of the final book – Harry Potter Public Enlightenment Project – £15 (I couldn’t bring myself to ruin it for those that started the books a bit late and don’t know yet… he totally dies though)


12. On All Fours For Gryffindors – Neighborhoodies – $19.99 (it could just be my dirty, dirty mind, but is this tee a little bit naughty?)


13. No Music During Study Hours – Stylin Online – $18


14. DIY Tri-Wizrd Tournament T-shirt Tutorial – Leaky Lounge


15. Gryffindor Shield – Hot Topic – $19


16. Slytherin Babydoll Crest Tee – Stylin Online – $18


17. Malfoy is a douchebag – Cotton Werks – $12


18. Hogwarts V-neck Top – Hot Topic – $22


19. Luna Lovegood 3D specs tee – Hot Topic – $22


20. Don’t Be A Stranger, Hermione Granger – Neighborhoodies – $19.99

If you’re on the hunt for long lists of t-shirts, there is a newer list of 101 Robot t-shirts that I wrote in June 2009. If you’re not entirely robot obsessed please check out this huge collection of t-shirt lists (from lots of different sites, not just this one), or the lists category. Also, if you enjoyed this post, it would be very much appreciated it if you mentioned it on twitter, facebook, or another other form of social media like digg, stumbleupon or delicious.

  • Brooke Powley

    Um, what happened to the “I solemnly swear I am up to no good” tee?

  • Andy

    Oh yeah! I had to stop somewhere Brooke, I was in danger of learning something about Harry Potter.

  • Brooke Powley

    Too late for that, you already learn’t far too much!

  • sixsixty

    Can’t forget the classic Republicans for Voldemort T-shirt!

  • Michael Paul

    Damn Andy, what a compliment…good ol’ Harry is even subtle on the Identity Crisis tee, but make no mistake I’m an HP uber nerd through and through…thanks again

  • James

    Haha, love the image at the start of the post! Didn’t realise there were so many Potter tees.

  • rob

    Great list of ‘Harry Potter‘ t-shirts!!!

  • Jess

    I saw a brilliant one saying “I’m usually Draco Malfoy, but today i took polyjuice potion” :) i love Harry Potter :)

  • Piano Hero Pat J.

    Astonishing Designs! where may I get one?

  • Andy

    There’s a link to buy the each shirt underneath each design Pat.

  • cosette

    you need a shirt that says,”avada kadavra!” that would be cool by the way that is the killing spell

  • steve@coolpotter

    Malfoy is a douche bag… I love it.

  • Hopie Dopie

    Totally loving all these tee, but you didn’t put up my fav of them all! Threadless has just announced their highest scoring tee ‘House Brawl’ where each house is on a tee battling it out :P

    Love it!!

  • Andy

    I would have struggled to include it Hopie, what with this article being written in 2009.

  • mrs longbottom :)

    omg i HAVE to get the triwizard tournament one!! hp is amazing :)

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