droogkloot by Super Vulgar Deluxe

by Andy on July 16, 2009


I looked up the word droogkloot, I already knew it was Dutch because of the word ‘droog’, which is a gallery in Amsterdam/Tokyo/New York (I visited the New York one of four separate occasions and it was only open once, so check their opening times if you’re planning a visit), but ‘kloot’ was aliean too me. Well, apparently, it is a term that suggests someone lacks a sense of humour, which is probably a fair description of the people on the tee, but far more amusingly, the term ‘droogkloot’ literally translates as ‘dry testicle’. Hi-larious!

Funnily enough, the text is actually my least favourite part of this design, I feel like that font is slightly at odds with the rest of the design, but otherwise I like it.

Costiness=£10 Available from the Super Vulgar Deluxe Big Cartel Store

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