Tees that change colour from Ink Fruit, yes please!

by Andy on July 23, 2009

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My apologies for the page of pics before getting down to the text (because I know you hang off my every word… right? Guys? Hello? Is anyone reading?), but I wanted to show you a few designs so that the effect was clear. Basically, as the tee gets hotter, presumably from body heat, parts of the design change colour, changing the tone of the entire design. As you can probably guess from the title, this is an idea that I really like, I’d like to see it in reality rather than in mock-ups, but Ink Fruit are clearly trying something really interesting. I’d probably be just as excited about the designs as the special ink if they hadn’t put the text on the tree & suitcase designs, but I guess I can’t have everything. I should probably point out that I can’t find the above tees in their catalogue, which is disappointing (I’d written the rest of the post before noticing), so I would expect that these tees are currently being produced, sorry to get you all excited.

Also make sure you check out Ink Fruit‘s other tees, they’re a(nother) design contest that have some great tees in their catalogue. [via Shirtlog]

  • Dave

    Hey Andy,

    I found the place where you can order these tees. Awesome find!

  • http://andrewbowness.com Andy

    Excellent work Dave, thank you very much!

  • http://www.inkfruit.com Priyanka

    Hello there,
    Thanks a lot for the post Andy, I was just going to provide you with the link to these tees but I see that Dave beat me to it :D

    Keep checking on us, we have some really cool products to be released real soon!

  • http://www.promotional-t-shirts.com/ Andrew

    Those are awesome t-shirts. They would make great summer promotional giveaways for ice cream or apparel companies that specialize in beach and swimwear.

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