Apologies for recent downtime, darn popularity!

by Andy on July 25, 2009

DSCF7507 copy

[Why a picture of me? Why not? Maybe so someone else can call me a douche.]

Over the past few days the site has been receiving quite a lot of visits (mostly thanks to io9, thanks guys!). This led to the site going down, which is obviously not a good thing, and provided me with a wake-up call that as this site grows I need more resources, so that’s what I’m sorting out right now, ensuring that the site will be able to withstand spikes in traffic, with the added bonus that the site will be much faster during normal traffic periods, which is much better for all you regular readers who stick around for more than just the huge list articles.

As is often the case, these upgrades may well be the cause of disruption over the next few days, but after that it should be fairly plain sailing, with pages loading faster and unicorns riding rainbows.

  • http://www.markdefrates.com Pamela Daley

    Oh Andy, you are seriously just the cutest thing ever!


  • http://www.seibei.com David

    nice work, douche! <3

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