Dov Charney is the head of a monkey knife fight ring!

by Andy on July 28, 2009


Okay, so that title isn’t true, that I know of at least, but you could basically say anything about American Apparel CEO Dov Charney and people are going to believe it. According to Gawker (so you might want to take this news with a heaped tablespoon of salt), Dov has decided that poor retail sales are because of unattractive staff in his stores, rather than because of the unacceptably expensive and surprisingly ugly hipster-rave gear that he sells

I like American Apparel’s tees, and I like their hoodies, but I find most of the other stuff to be a bit of a turn-off, and for me to find it expensive says something, because I am perfectly happy to spend money on a product if I think it’s worth something. I know that this news, if it is indeed true, is a bit off-topic for HYA, but I’d be interested to know if all the stories about Dov effect whether tee producers want to use his product when printing their own tees. American Apparel are by far the most popular choice for a blank tee in the indie clothing world, at least that’s how it appears when I look at my wardrobe, but I would imagine that if stories like this keep coming out then being ‘sweatshop free’ isn’t going to be enough for AA and people might start heading elsewhere.


*Incidentally, Monkey Knife Fight is the name of a great beer that you can get at a bar on Sansom St. in Philly, but I’ve forgotten the name of the bar, it’s an upstairs bar near Local 44? Anyone?

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    Recently I have changed my lines to be printed on AA. They have a great product. I disagree with a lot that comes out of his mouth but it’s about business and not personal views after all. But being a CEO of a large company you would believe that he would think a little more before making some of the statements he does.

    Stuff like this and the recent investigation of the legality of some of their employees make me cringe. While someone has the right to share their opinions and some of that creates publicity for the company, I would be happier if those opinions were kept to himself and instead of acting like a child at times he would exemplify the professionalism that a CEO of a major company should.

    Would I stop using AA? Personally I have thought about it but as a businessman I have to consider what my customers prefer. He doesn’t make it easy though.

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