New Tees from Retro Campaigns

by Andy on July 28, 2009


Rumplo may not like them, but I find the concept of tees based upon old political campaigns really interesting. Maybe I’d like to see the prints a bit bigger on the tees, but since they’re using old campaign designs (I don’t believe they’re original) I can hardly blame Retro Campaigns for sticking to what the tees looked like back in the day.

Retro Campaigns

  • Christine

    Hi Andy!

    Great article, thanks! I just wanted to answer your question about artwork: the more intricate designs, like the Adlai Stevenson “Hole in the Shoe,” are a mix of original and existing imagery and text. That image of the shoe with a hole in it was used during that campaign season for various buttons, and probably most famously a silver lapel pin (

    Another example is the Eugene McCarthy “Get Clean for Gene.” “Get Clean for Gene” was an existing slogan during the 1968 New Hampshire presidential primary, but (to my knowledge) there was never any art associated with it. So we came up with the scissor design and added the text.



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