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by Andy on July 28, 2009


Does anyone like this? What’s the deal with airline food? What are the ingredients in an Appletini? Anyone know where I can buy Rochelle Rochelle on DVD? How can I recreate an authentic cheesesteak in the UK? Can anyone recommend a laptop that looks as good as a Mac but costs about half as much? When’s HYAs clothing line coming out? Do I really want to know what’s in hotdogs? Will I ever really understand what different kinds of printing are? Do you know how hard it is to think of twenty questions? Is Blade Runner the greatest film of all time? Will HYA ever be popular enough that I can run it full-time? Seriously, what is the deal with airline food? How’s it going with that rundown? You boy, what day is it? How old are you? Would you like to play a game? How come they’ve never given Betty a makeover in Ugly Betty? Instead of whining on that evolution is just a theory despite there being evidence for it, can someone show me some solid evidence that God exists? Has anyone actually read all of the questions?

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  • CathieT

    Yes. What do you expect for nothing? Apples and vodka? You can’t – it doesn’t exist. Get the steak sent from the US. Fisher Price. See Q12. Lips and bums and you don’t want to know. Maybe Grasshopper. It’s easy if you’re a woman/mother. No, but it’s not bad. See Q7. You’re obviously not drinking enough. Fine. I’m a girl and it’s Tuesday in my world. As old as my tongue and slightly older than my teeth. No, do you want to watch the movie? It would cost too much to redo the promos. No. Yes. And the ones on the tshirt too!

  • Dan

    love it!!

    and now that i have read all those questions all your questions and all the answers above… i think i have too much time on my hands…

  • Rachel

    there are experts of history and science that agree that Jesus must have risen again and that God must exist. I personally believe that God controlled evolution and that both are true.

  • Andy

    Cool, just point me towards actual evidence and I’ll look at it.

  • Rachel

    there’s the bible for one – its all been proven to be historically true so wouldn’t the rest of it be true?

    and there’s loads for the resurrection which would have been impossible to fake which is amazing.

    i would say the bible’s the best piece of evidence for God and noone can disprove it so look there

  • Andy

    Rachel, I’m not going to reply to that with my opinion (short version, I believe that’s pretty unsound reasoning) because this is a t-shirt blog, and I don’t want to get into an argument with you.

    Isn’t it a lovely tee though!

  • Noddy

    Nice tee. Would be even nicer if it wasn’t just in asphalt and the questions were printed in a variety of funky colours!

    And Rachel – there is no God! The Bible is a work of fiction, written by hundreds of different authors over a great period of time. It is basically a book of fairytales and shouldn’t be taken literally!

    I think religion is basically a mental illness that oppresses those that believe in it, encourages self hate, racism, sexism and above all – FEAR.

    I mean, its nice to believe that there is some grand God watching over you and listening to your pathetic utterances and worries but its a delusion.

    Educate yourself Rachel; read Dawkins, read Hawking and LEARN about the reality we live in. Not the fairytale world of Jesus and Noah!

  • Pamela Daley

    Re: Noddy – guess he told her!

    Re: Rachel – “there’s the bible for one – its all been proven to be historically true so wouldn’t the rest of it be true?”

    Oh Honey, no and no again!

  • henryv

    Wait, all of the bible has been proven to be historically true?

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