Anyone know where I can buy T World Magazine online?

by Andy on July 31, 2009


I feel like I may have asked this before but it bears repeating. Where can I buy T-World (sometimes just called T) magazine on the internet without it being a total ripoff?

I’m sure I’ve seen it for sale somewhere but the price was getting on for $40 for it to be delivered to my door, and whilst I’d like to get my hands on it, that seems a bit extreme. I’m going to try my favourite store in Manchester today since they had 1 copy of the 1st issue, but I’m not getting my hopes up. If anyone has any idea I’d really appreciate it because I really enjoyed the issues I’ve managed to buy. I believe that the picture above shows the latest issue, so keep a lookout!

  • Jayden Osborne

    Hey Andy,

    you can buy it online at
    hope that helps…


  • Danny

    on 23rd street in Manhatten in between 5 and 6th avenues in Chelsea Manhatten there’s a small lil’ newstand which carries it. $20USD.

  • Andy

    Thanks for the updae Danny, wish I’d known that when I was in New York back in May, at least I know if I ever get back there.

  • Eddie Zammit

    Hey Danny,

    This is Eddie – the T-shirt fanatic that produces T-world. Can I help? Always a good bet at mag nation too –

    Thanks for the interest.



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  • shena

    eddie you should get this magazine here in the states coz no one has it here and aussies wont let us order on line there

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