Build Robots Today To Fight Aliens Tomorrow by Cuppa T-Shirts

by Andy on August 12, 2009


Much like I keep seeing Star Wars tees since writing the Star Wars tee list, I keep seeing new robot tees after writing the 101 robot tees list. Cuppa T-Shirts is a New Zealand-based store that is themed around techno-culture & robots, which would have really come in handy when I was writing the robots list. Anyway, quite a lot of their designs play on the idea that there is a robot uprising in the future and that the tees are part of the propaganda push, which seems to be a concept that people are pretty comfortable with judging by the amount of time it takes for the word “robot” to be followed by the word “overlord” on the internet.

Costiness=$55NZD (around $37USD) Available from Cuppa T-Shirts

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