Star Wars x Marc Ecko Darth Vader Hoodie

by Andy on August 18, 2009


This Darth Vader hoodie (and the other hoodies in this series, including Darth Maul, Clone Trooper, X Wing Pilot, Trooper, and Storm Trooper, all of which can be seen in the gallery) aren’t actually going to be shipping until October 1st, but with this being a collaboration between a streetwear manufacturer and a supremely popular movie franchise, it’s a fair bet that they’ll sell out before that date arrives, so if you want it, get your order in now and prepare to be patient.

I can’t actually decide if I like this, on the one hand, they’re a lot of fun, but on the other, I can’t help but think I’d look like a bit of a tool if I ever wore one, and the novelty effect of the full-zip would tire pretty quickly, and that amount of vinyl on a hoodie could be a touch uncomfortable, but I’m sure such practical concerns aren’t important to the kind of people that are ordering this hoodie.

If you’re still game, prepare to lay down between $98 and $150 for your emergency outfit at fancy-dress parties for the next few years.

Marc Ecko x Star Wars Hoodies

  • Matt
  • Andy

    I left that on out since it was part of the previous collection, but I guess it is one of the better ones in the range.

  • Rob

    A fantastic range… freakin lovin’ it!!!

  • David

    I kinda like the pilot and trooper ones, but I’d never wear them with the hood up. I think the bubble jackets and the Darth Vader one look kinda corny…and the C3P0 track jacket is pretty fun. I think I like that one!

  • stevie

    Thought novelty starwars apparel was out of style. but these are pretty cool. kinda pricey.

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