I Don’t Go To University

by Andy on August 20, 2009


I never really understood why so many people bought those hoodies and shirts that have their college/university printed on the front, especially since they were almost all designed identically. I would imagine that this brand exists more to poke fun at that niche of the clothing world rather than to include people that haven’t experienced the magic of having 4 hours of class time a week and still being called a ‘full-time student’.

I Don’t Go To University [via Josh Spear]

  • http://www.promotional-t-shirts.com/ Andrew

    It could also just be a statement about students who just go to college.

  • joedoe

    tis a statement twang, idiots

  • http://andrewbowness.com Andy

    Hey Joe, could you expand on what you mean by “tis a statement twang” because I’ve never seen those words in that order before, thus making me fairly sure you’re not speaking proper English.

    Also, good for you commenting on a blog post that’s more than one and a half years old to call us idiots.

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