Sale time at Suburban Hijinx

by Andy on August 27, 2009


With tees as low as $5 (for their logo tee), and the most ‘expensive’ being a paltry $10 you’d expect that the sizes would be pretty limited, but there’s actually a full range of sizes for most of the tees. The full range of designs can be found in the gallery… or you can just click through and you’ll see them all there.

Suburban Hijinx

  • Rich

    “Click through” where? I don’t see a link to the store. Left out by mistake?

  • James {suburbanhijinx} is the link to the store! Thanks for checkin it out and thanks to Andy for letting the masses know!

  • Andy

    Terribly sorry Rich, I must have forgotten to link up their store, fixed now.

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