Buy either of these Randr tees and get a free belt (maybe more)

by Andy on September 4, 2009


Here’s a good deal if you buy either of these limited edition, Matthew Skiff-designed t-shirts before Septembr 18th and you will receive a belt absolutely free. By ordering one of the tees you will also be entered into a prize draw to win seven more tees from an upcoming series Randr are going to be releasing.

The tee on the left is called Bloodletting and was designed to “see if I could make the most offensive design possible, or at least a design that my mom would be shocked to see.” The tee on the right is called Giallo and was apprently inspired by a film called Suspiria, which is a film all about awesome colours and beautiful women that will be finding its way onto my LoveFilm (Netflix, but British) queue. The tees are $22 individually, but there is also a package of both tees for $38 (that’s a $6 saving) which will include 2 free belts, and two entries to the contest.

*Since I wrote this post Randr have also put all of their tees except these two on sale, with shirts as low as $7, so go get ‘em!*

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