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by Andy on September 15, 2009

Chop Shop weBite vampire t-shirt

What on Earth will they ‘we’ next?

This time around the Chop Shop team have found 34 famous vampires and put their silhouettes onto a tee (in the shape of a bat), which is something that you should come to expect from them by now since this series of tees has been a pretty big hit, and when something works, you don’t go changing it now do you? I’m not a teenage girl so I can’t tell you, but I wonder if there are any characters from Twilight on this tee? We all know tat Robert Pattinson is sales gold!

Costiness=$20 Mens / Womens

  • http://www.vitaminsteve.com Steve Flack

    I continue to refuse to support these ripoffs of the much classier Super7 t-shirts.

  • http://customizedtshirts.blogspot.com Tami Starling

    I know what you are saying about Twilight. It is unfortunate to admit, but my fist thought when I saw this t-shirt was “I wounder if they have Edward on here”.


  • http://www.chopshopstore.com chopshopstore

    Steve, don’t presume to know too much. All due respect to S7, but we were really ripping off House Industries poster promoting their icons fonts from back in the early 90’s. Neither we, nor S7, nor House Industries invented silhouettes.

    Great example. See this link: http://www.humanshapedrobot.com/goodies.html

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