Jay-Z wears Simply Complicated’s Astronaut tee at Wembley gig!

by Andy on September 23, 2009

Jay Z wearing Simply Complicated Global View T-Shirt

I’m not even a big Jay-Z fan, but I would probably pass out if I found out that someone as admired as him in the music world sported one of my tees to a gig, let alone one at the biggest and best stadium in the UK (before anyone says it, I realise that there are locations in the UK that could be called a stadium which would hold mor people, but let’s be honest, they don’t really hold a candle to Wembley Stadium). I imagine that Jay-Z has a lot of fans that will follow everything he does closely, so it would be interesting to see if this tee has actually experienced a sales bump recently, but even if it hasn’t, the Simply Complicated crew must be feeling pretty good right now.

Costiness=$22.99 (use coupon code TWITTER to get 30% off) Available from Simply Complicated’s Big Cartel Store [via T-Shirts Around]

  • http://www.strange-ways.co.uk Tom

    Very impressive work. I wonder if he logged on himself? Personally I love Jay – a talented guy and plenty of his own tees to promote so fair play to him giving props to Simply.

  • http://www.scapparel.net Grant

    Thanks Tom, it was definitely crazy to see Jay-Z wearing our shirt

  • ray penny

    thanks tom, i was speechless when i saw the photo.
    thanks alot 2 jay-z!

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