Edo Label: A new Design Competition from Japan

by Andy on September 25, 2009

About Edo Label - Edo Label_1253829301288

I kept meaning to write about Edo Label, but forgot for one reason or another, I think part of it might have been because the site is bilingual, as it can be viewed in both Japanese and English, and I haven’t got the Japanese language pack installed on my new computer yet. Of course, that means nothing to me, because I can’t read Japanese, and I generally don’t take screenshots of sites anyway. I especially wouldn’t take screenshot of Edo Label, because their current site is merely a placeholder to invite entries for their first competition, the prize for which is 50,000yen (approximately US$500) and there will be two winners receiving that prize. One of the problems with me forgetting to tell you about this site earlier is that we’re getting fairly close to the submission deadline (September 30th), but hey, what else were you going to do with your weekend?

Edo Label

  • http://www.edolabel.com Edo Label

    Thanks for the post. And I thought I had been snubbed.
    When the site officially opens it won’t be so confusing. It will be bilingual but it should be pretty easy to navigate. Thanks again.

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    Great post. I will be checking the site out.

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