Blajokevich: Governor of Gotham by The Fineprint Chicago

by Andy on September 29, 2009

The Fineprint Chicago Blajokevich Tee_1254143343830

Every time I see Rod Blagojevich on TV I know he’s going to do something that makes me cringe, so I kinda hope that he gets sent to jail for trying to sell a senate seat just so I don’t have to see his face for a few years, oh, and because a Governor trying to sell a Senate seat is utterly despicable and insulting to the entire electorate. Basically, despite not being American and having never visited Chicago, I hate Rod Blagojevich.

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  • Pamela Daley

    Hear! Hear! And I couldn’t agree more! I mean what the fug is this jerk doing be a dickhead AND getting paid for it when he should be (y’know) thinking things over for, say, 5 to 10! This is an example of the really cheap and creepy side of the USA – for sure!

    End of rant :)(:

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