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by Andy on October 14, 2009


I am so sure I’ve heard someone use this word in a movie or TV show, I think it was a guy with a fake Eastern European or Middle Eastern accent, anyone know what I’m talking about?

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  • Michael
  • Parker

    New Zealand accent, actually.

  • George

    Bfore that it was on the movie Big Daddy.

  • Andy

    I’m sure it would make me look more cool to say I meant Flight of the Conchords, but I was thinking of Big Daddy, thanks George!

  • Zechmann

    Yea, it’s originally from Big Daddy (I believe). Was actually going to name my blog after it, haha. I’ll get the shirt… if it goes down in price a little.

  • brad

    americans sure are ignorant

  • Andy

    Hi Brad, it’s fair to assume from your comment that you’re calling me the ignorant one, as I’m the person that asked a question in the post (I realise I could have just googled it, but I thought I’d just ask the people of HYAstonia). However, I’m not American, I’m English, so your sweeping generalisation does carry a certain amount of irony with it, to the point at which I might be inclined to suggest that you’re being ignorant in this instance. I’ve had a lot of first-hand experience with American’s this year and I certainly wouldn’t call them ignorant, in fact, judging by the amount of questions they asked me about England, quite the opposite.

  • Zechmann

    Totally agreed with the last post. On another point, I can’t see anyone’s name but the first post. Is this a problem with everyone else? I am using a Mac so that maybe it :(

  • Andy

    I think it is only an issue that comes up with Macs, it’s been that way since I started using this design, but I could never work out what the problem was, and since most posts back then didn’t go past 1 or 2 comments it wasn’t really an issue, but now it must be a bit annoying to the Mac users that read this site regularly. The strange this is I’ve never seen this issue on any other blog, hopefully the next version of HYA will not suffer such a problem.

  • Slick Danger

    As a huge Adam Sandler/Rob Schneider fan…and a HE rep…I can confirm that he actually said sumthin closer to “hip…hip-hop…hip-hop-anonymous”…verification here enjoy and 1 <3:

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