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by Andy on October 14, 2009


Another quick France update, things are busier than I imagined here so HYA updates will be more sporadic than expected, but I’ll try to put a couple of posts together quickly every night before I go to bed, though it’s hard to motivate myself after a long day trying to talk to French people when my language skills seem to have gone backwards.

However, it’s easy to become motivated when you’ve got great tees like this one from Lowdtown to post about. I am a big fan of Lowdtown, this design, like the rest of Ray Masaki’s collection, are very wearable. I get frustrated when I see a tee that has some great artwork on it, but doesn’t work well as a tee, and that seems to be a distinction that a few clothing companies struggle to get right. Also, if you were looking for a definition of the tag, this is most definitely a “logo tee done right.”

This tee is just part of a new line from Lowdtown that I wholeheartedly recommend you check out.

Costiness=$20 Available for men and women from Lowdtown

  • Simpson28

    LOVE THIS!! tho would have been perfect if the throat slit/dripping goatee bit wasn’t there. Still…top design. If you see their site the huge all over print of their logo is beautiful too

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