Akumu Ink’s new shirt is a Ripper (and they have packages now too)

by Andy on November 3, 2009


If you’re wanting to get a jump on next year’s Halloween festivities (I’ve missed out on Halloween for the past 4 years because of my French adventures) then there would be few better ways to do it than with a tee or two from Akumu Ink. The latest release is the single tee you can see in the pics, dubbed ‘The Ripper’, which it’s probably fair to assume is a design based upon famed serial killer Jack The Ripper. If you like the Akumu style then it’s pretty likely that you’re going to like this design, they have a look tha works and it’s no surprise that they stick to it, especially as there aren’t any other companies out there that I can think of with a similar style.

Also added to their store recently are some package options. You get to pick the tees and/or hoodie in each of the three package options (one package does feature a ‘mystery’ tee), and receive a discount that equates to 10-15% off buying the items individually.

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