Anyone want a Spotify invite?

by Andy on November 4, 2009


* I’ve got 3 more invite codes and since there is such demand I will sell them for $6 each via PayPal, send me a message and we can sort out the details. *

That’s me at the Gorges du Verdon in France last weekend, it’s like France’s Grand Canyon, except you can drive around it, if you’re ever in the area I wholeheartedly recommend making the trip.

I was under the impression that Spotify (a free ad-supported music streaming service with millions of tracks available for your listening pleasure) had opened up and was now available for those that want it in Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK, France or Spain, the countries where the service can currently be used. However, when apparently this is not the case, and people do still need invites to sign up for the service (they’re even listed on eBay, whether people are paying is another matter altogether). I’ve got 8 invites to give away on a first come first serve basis, though I may give preferential treatment to regular commenters if this post gets inundated by by people who have never read HYA just coming here to get their invite and go. Just leave a comment on this post (making sure to include a valid e-mail address that I can send the invite to) and I’ll try send the invites when I get the opportunity, but please remember not to ask for an invite if you don’t live in any of the countries I’ve mentioned because you won’t be able to use the service, and that would just waste the invite.

I’ve been using the service more and more recently, it’s great to have a service where I can freely and legally listen to pretty much any music that I want (the catalogue is really extensive, it’s pretty rare that they don’t have what I want), and it’s encouraging me to buy more music too (for listening to in the car), so everyone wins!

***I have no invtes left, please stop asking me for them, although of course feel free to give invites to each other in the comments, but I personally have no more to give.***

  • Michael

    Hi Andy,

    I dont know your name but i just looked at this post and was wondering if you have any spotify invites left because i really need one and i dont know anybody with invites.


  • Holly

    Hi, I would really appreciate an invite.
    Thank you.

  • nachorose

    I know it´s maybe too late, but, could you please send me a invitation?
    Thank u so much in advance. My email:

  • Chase

    i hope it’s not too late! i would really like an invite!

  • vinay

    Hey please send me an invite to if you have one.

    Appreciate that. :-)

  • cerys

    pleaseeeeeee please invite me,
    please :(

  • cerys

    if you could send me an invie i would be VERY gratefull, or anyone?

  • Alex Lundy

    need Spotify invite if you please!

  • Lydia

    Would love one please, please xxxxxx :)

  • Saeeda Bukhari

    I dont know you but i dont mind to get to know you.

    Would u mind, sharing your spotify invite to a dedicated yet broke student? Thats me.

    If you do, can u send it to my email address at

    Thank you.


  • sharon

    i would realy love an invite ive been on the waiting list for ages now xx

  • sharon

    this is my email thanks xx

  • rachel

    hey could someone send me an invite please ta – email

  • rachel

    hey could someone send me an invite please ta – email

  • Janne

    Hello. I want one to. my e-mail is

  • Tatiana

    Anymore spotify invites?

    please sned at

  • Tatiana

    anymore spotify invites?

    please send at

  • Niilo

    I would be so glad if i could have invite :(

  • Tomps

    anymore spotify invites left?

    send Please!

  • scotty

    plz send me invite

  • scotty

    can anyone send me an invite

  • rcp

    Anyone can send me one invite???

  • Jesse

    can anyone send me an invite?
    Thanks! :)

  • Tasha

    Can I have one if it isnt too late please :)

  • Charlie

    pwease invite me :)

  • elin

    Now i seached for o long time aften one spotify invite. Your text gave me one more hope. I love music and I love spotify.
    Pleas, do u have one for me?

  • Karol


    I would like an invite please!

    thanks :)

  • Huub

    Hi mate,

    coud you send me an invite please?

    thanks in advance!

    regards, Huub

  • Louisa

    Would Maaaaajor appreciate an invite ^_^ x

  • Louisa
    Would Maaaaajor appreciate an invite ^_^ x

  • John Smth
    if you could send me one that would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ochinese

    Pleeeeease send me an invite as i have been looking for ages!!

    many thanks

  • chris conway

    hi can someone please send me an invite?
    Thank You

  • Max Beaverwax

    I won’t lie and I won’t grovel,never been anywhere near this site before in my life, whilst googling around I noticed you were giving away Spotify invites…..You know what they say….If you don’t ask, you don’t get shit-all and people will throw chips at you in the street! If you give me an invite,great. If you don’t, I hope my pitch was more entertaining than most of the brown-nosers on here.

  • JM

    If anyone is feeling generous, please send me an invite for spotify :)
    all my friends have run out of invites and ive been wanting an account for ages :( thanks in advance ^-^

  • hasselhoff

    invitee pleaseeee

  • Izzie

    hey can I plz have a Spotify invite?
    Thanks, x

  • shauna

    i’ve been trying forever to get an invite and hacks and codes but every trick didn’t work! i ended up getting an invite for $17 from

  • eero

    invite please

  • someone

    if anyone has a spare invite please send me one

  • Jack

    Hii could you please send me a Spotify Invite pleaseee!!
    thank you so much!!! love u!!


  • YaYo

    I’ll be honest, I’m not a regular follower of this blog. I’ve never actually seen it before. But if you, or anyone, has a spare spotify invitation for me I would be so so greatful. I’ve been searching around everywhere, filling up som many piece of crap surveys just to be dissapointed. If anyone is willing to end my hopeless search, then please send the invite to this address

    thanks so much in advance.

  • joy

    Could you send me a Spotify Invite Code please.
    thank you so much.

  • joy

    Could you send me a Spotify Invite Code please.
    thank you so much.

  • ryan burtch

    please send me an invite for spotify

  • Martin

    Could you send me a Spotify Invite Code please.
    thank you so much.

  • Liam


    Could you please send me a Spotify Invite if you still have any. Email is


  • Benjamin

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