Grey static peak lapel blazer by Oak

by Andy on November 14, 2009



Just so we’re clear, whenever I say on this blog that I’m hot, or call myself ‘handsome Andy’, ‘devilishly handsome’ or anything like that, I’m kidding, I may be many things but blind I am not. However, put me in a blazer and bam, magical things happen. Basically, put anyone in a nice enough blazer and they go up 2 points on the 1-10 scale of hotness, this isn’t a scientific study, though I would have thought that would be a good was to test it if you were so inclined (y’know, if the vast majority of guys on there weren’t clearly douches). So clearly, I’m a fan of the blazer, and this one from Oak is a fine example of the breed.

Costiness=$289 Available from Oak NYC [via NotCouture]

  • John T. Dulce

    Very cool!
    I love it!!!

  • Danielmarulanda1

    love it i wanna get it in my country

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