Merino Hoodie by Outlier Clothing

by Andy on November 16, 2009



I’m sure a lot of you will look at the price of this hoodie ($225) and simply move on, that would be understandable, it’s a lot for ‘just’ a hoodie, but the difference with this hoodie is that it’s made with merino wool. I don’t really understand what merino wool is, but you could easily change the name to ‘magic wool’ and I’d believe it. I bought a merino wool top on sale from a local mountaineering shop (I live about 10 minutes away from mountaineer/hiking mecca in terms of the amount of shops around) that was made by icebreaker and I’ve been very impressed by it. Despite being quite thin it keeps me as warm as a much thicker wool jumper or pretty much anything else I own, and it’s pretty soft too. The problem with a lot of mountaineering wear is that it isn’t particularly fashionable, it does it’s job very well on the mountain, but you probably wouldn’t wear it many other places. That’s why I like this hoodie, all the goodness of merino wool, combined with something I’d actually wear on a regular basis.

One thing about merino wool I should point out, when it gets wet it does smell a bit like wet sheep (another smell you’d be aware of if you lived near me), which isn’t particularly pleasant but after a few washes the smell disappears.

Costiness=$225 Available from Outlier Clothing [via Josh Spear]

  • Rude Retro

    Merino is awesome. Light but warm. I wouldn’t pay 225 for it though.

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