Floody Hell, it’s wet here!

by Andy on November 20, 2009


I would imagine that British readers will be aware of what’s been going on in my home county of Cumbria, but the rest of you probably don’t. Over the past couple of days we’ve experienced the worst floods in my life-time, the picture above shows the scene in the field in front of my house yesterday afternoon, I (and my Dad, who has lived in this valley since the 1950s) have never seen the river burst its banks and start flooding the field. There has even been talk on the TV that on Friday some places around the area had a record amount of rainfall for a 24 hour period in Britain. We’re actually very lucky where we are, today much of the water has disappeared whereas some other places are under 8 feet of water, but I still think I’m going to be taking a couple of days off HYA because there is quite a lot of cleaning up to do (and I’ve already hurt my back moving the wet/dry vac).

I’ve put up a few pictures on my Flickr page if anyone is interested, though as my photos have no man-made frames of reference it’s hard for you guys to judge the extent of the flooding, so recent Cumbria pictures on Flickr may be a bit more exciting.

  • http://www.redchoochoo.com Mike-RedChooChoo

    I hope your family is safe.

  • http://andrewbowness.com Andy

    Thanks Mike, we’re good, even though we’re phsyically close to a river the volume of water needed to fill the valley floor for it to get high enough to get to our house is huge, so we weren’t too concerned for the house. Other people have had it a lot worse, some bridges have been washed away (a policeman was on one of them when it happened and his body was later found on a beach), one town centre was under 6 feet of water, and some roads are still unpassable.

  • http://www.threadspot.com Mike Payne

    Hey Andy, my well wishes go out to you and yours. I know how scary your situation can be, having lived through the recent floods in Iowa from last summer. Here’s a write-up I put together on that during the height of the flood:

    Best of luck to you, your family, your friends and your community, and sorry to hear about that officer that died. If it’s any consolation, my community bounced back quite well and is continuing to develop new preventative measures against flooding. Sometimes it takes the knock of misfortune to rally a community to work together to build a better, safer lifestyle. Good luck Andy!

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