Win 12 shirts of your choice from Unicorns Rock!

by Andy on November 23, 2009


If you like unicorns and you like winning stuff then your Monday is about to get much better. HYA (and a few other tee blogs) have teamed up with Unicorns Rock to give away a total of 24 tees, and there’s two ways of winning (each winner gets 12 tees of their choice).

The first way involves you buying a shirt from them. If you buy a shirt using one of the 10% coupon codes posted by the various blogs that are running the competition, you get a one entry to the competition, buy two shirts and get two entries to the competition, and so on and so forth. At the end of the week a draw will be done for the people that bought a tee and one of them will win 12 tees of their choice from the Unicorns rock store. The 10% off coupon code for today is ‘scales‘, you were probably expecting the coupon to be ‘HYAistotallyawesome’ or something like that, but it’s ‘scales’ for a reason, and I’ll explain why…

…now. The 2nd way of winning is totally free, but it requires you to have a Twitter account (which takes about a minute to set up if you don’t have one), and the ability to answer a question, so it’s pretty simple really. As I mentioned before, the coupon code is ‘scales’ for a reason, and that reason is that it is a clue to a question that I (and the other participating bloggers) will be posting on Friday at 5pm (likely PST). What that question is even I don’t know yet. By visiting the other participating bloggers on their day of the contest (Buy-Tees, Tee Hunter, Pop Culture Tees, and finally Cottonable on Friday), you will be able to collect additional clues making the question easier for you to answer. You also need to tweet about each of the 5 participating blogs (inlcuding HYA) to enter the competition. Here’s the message that you need to enter for today’s part of the competition:

Win 12 free t-shirts and get a coupon for Learn how – @unicornstweet @hideyourarms

However, if copy/pasting seems like a bit too much work for you, just click this link and you’ll be taken to Twitter and that text will automatically be inputted into the status update box for you.

In case I haven’t made that clear enough, Unicorns rock have put it all together on their contest page to explain what is going on, their page also has a few more details regarding when entries to the contest close and that kind of thing, but as you can’t enter until Friday at the earliest anyway I’ll explain all of that then, because I feel like I’ve already thrown enough information at you for one post!

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