The World In Your Eyes by Origin68

by Andy on December 7, 2009

The World In Your Eyes 54155996516_d800374de5_o

I was actually in Manchester this weekend, which is the home of Origin68, there’s not really much more to that story, so, ummmm, yeah…

How cool is this tee!

Costiness=£18 Available from Origin68 (they also have a StoreEnvy store if you would prefer)

  • jimiyo

    Ah, I love T77 aka Aliadontony’s stuff!

  • soulmate02

    Very nice design! Is it just me, or are they wearing the Channel 4 3D glasses?

  • Andy

    I didn’t get any as my nearest Sainsbury’s is about an hour away, but you may very well be right.

  • Matt

    Good spot soulmate. They were the sainsbury’s 3D glasses, thought we would give them another outing.

  • soulmate02

    A-ha! Thought so! I was really looking forward to 3D Week (Derren Brown’s magic show was great..especially the slapstick stuff!), so trust me to spot that! :P

    As for there not being enough glasses, I’ve been accused of taking them all – I had about 10 pairs, but I did distribute them amongst friends and family :)

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